Happy Valentines Day Lovelies!! Whether you’re single (wanting to call in sick today) or in a relationship with someone amazing… this blog is for you.


The Best LOVE for YOU is Self Validation!


I encourage you to practice the LOVE that comes from within! You don’t NEED the fancy dinner, roses, chocolates (okay maybe a couple of pieces), or any one person or material “thing” to validate your worth or love.  You are already complete as the wonderful light being you are.


TOP WAYS to SHOW yourself LOVE more than EVER

  • Wake up with gratitude… Write or make a mental note for what you are absolutely thankful for
  • Write a list of 20 things you’re good at
  • Take the time for YOU today… 5-10 minutes minimum and make sure your family and friends honor your “me time
  • LET GO of people who don’t show up for you
  • LET GO of comparing yourself to others and embrace your life
  • LET GO of anything in your house that no longer serves you or brings you joy
  • Use the Mantra “I AM ENOUGH“… look yourself in the mirror when you say it
  • Laugh at yourself with love… Discover the fun corky things about you
  • Exercise… Go for a nice walk, yoga or hit the gym and kill it doing Cross Fit
  • Cook one of your meals today… breakfast, lunch or dinner (make your favorite!)
  • Give yourself a hug
  • Look at yourself in the mirror and say “Hey YOU… you’re smoking hot and amazing!”
  • Take a BIG Inhale | Exhale
  • Smile from the inside
  • Close your eyes and listen to your heart beat
  • Wiggle your toes and fingers
  • Play your favorite LOVE song loud and dance/sing to it alone!
  • Write a poem to yourself
  • Sleep in
  • Take a nice hot shower or bubble bath and then take time lathering lotion all over yourself… ENJOY YOU ????
  • Wear a favorite outfit and feel great… Don’t buy something new
  • Meditate with Sage
  • Read that book you keep telling yourself you want to read (I have some ideas)
  • Speak your truth today
  • Tell yourself “I LOVE YOU


Self validation

is the key to internal happiness and being able to stay present with NO expectations of others. It’s true freedom to be able to fully LOVE who you are today and all the gifts, talents and corks that make you, YOU. And if someone doesn’t like and want to hang with you, on to the NEXT and the one you’re with better treat you like the precious gift you are and if he’s not, on to someone who will. It takes you to know your worth in order for people around you to treat you how you treat yourself.


Sending love and hugs just to you ❤


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