How to Make Your Vision Board Become Reality

If you’ve read my two blog posts: Setting Impactful Intentions & How to Vision Board the Life You Want… Then you know how important setting intentions and creating vision boards are to me. Well ladies, we’re already heading into the second half of January, which means if you’re like me, then you’re intentions have been … Continue Reading

Visioning the Career, Life and Happiness – 1 Minute a Day

Visioning your dream career, ideal life, and pure, unapologetic happiness? Can you do it?   Is it possible? Do you have the time?   Yes, Yes and Yes!!! I say yes to all of them. Whatever the goal, dream, desire may be, the best way to start bringing it into reality is to practice act … Continue Reading

How to Vision Board the Life You Want

 How to Vision Board to create what you want your life to look like Creating vision boards is a great habit to make dreams a reality. I’ve been making vision boards well over a decade now. On every New Year’s Eve, I get together with my best friend Monika and we have a fun vision board … Continue Reading