How to Collaborate Successfully in the Workplace

There is no “I” in team and it takes a team to really drive change, movements and culture shifts in the work environment. So how do you create success when it can be hard to collaborate with others at work? Do you find yourself… Feeling frustrated trying to gain agreement  with others Feeling unproductive during the … Continue Reading

Unleash the Spirit Animal in You to Make Change Happen Now

I’m not only a huge dog lover, (@Potpot Adventures) but when I visit the zoo I’m like a kid again in complete awe of all the different types of animals, big and small. Each and every one of them have their own characteristics… from the owl who’s wise and majestic to the elephant who steals … Continue Reading

Let Go of Control and Embrace the Power of Choice

One of my biggest fears is flying and I have to do it weekly for my career. Every time I get on the plane and they shut the door, I look at the flight attendants, look at the person sitting next to me all buckled in, squeeze Potpot and tell myself… “Here we go again, … Continue Reading

Five Habits to Start Your Day

I remember the early days when my parents would yell and scream to get me up and out of bed for school (please say I wasn’t the only one?!). I hated getting up and honestly it’s still not my favorite thing to do (I have an amazing Tempurpedic that I could live on forever, it’s … Continue Reading

Midyear Self Check – How to Keep Track of Your Goals?

It’s almost July, tomorrow marks the midpoint of the year! Summer is in full effect, the sun is out and hopefully you have a few (much needed, if you’re anything like me) vacations or staycations planned. It’s also a good time to reflect on what you’ve been focused on or not focused on to hit your … Continue Reading

Is Life Really a Balance?

Life is more like a wave. I had the opportunity over the weekend to spend a lovely couple of days with a dear friend of mine at the Monarch Beach Resort. The views of the beach were absolutely spectacular, not to mention we were only a peaceful, short 10 minute walk away from dipping our … Continue Reading