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Write a Special Letter to yourself A Year from Now

Ready or not, 2017 is quickly coming to an end.

How was your year? Did you knock it out of the park by elevating your game and hitting the goals you set for yourself? Or was it a year of challenges and series of hurdles… FML!? Was it filled with lifetime vacations, new loves, breakups, career moves or career highs? Whatever year YOU created has now become the past and there’s plenty of opportunity that 2018 can’t wait for you to receive.

So what does this time NEXT year look like for you? I encourage you to write a letter to your future self reflecting on 2018. If you could see yourself a year from now… What would you want to say? Where do you want to be? Who will be part of your experience? 

Before you begin the letter, give yourself some space to meditate and set a personal Mantra for 2018. Once you have your mantra set, review some of the great tips below to help you craft a special letter. Make sure to keep it hidden from yourself and open it up a year from now!

Let the writing begin!

  1. Upcoming vacations you’ve been thinking about and 2018 is the year… In your letter describe the travels, fun, activities you enjoyed most.

  2. Where did you end up going?  

  3. Who went with you?  

  4. What time of year did you travel?

  5. New love unfolding for you in the new year… Write to yourself explaining how this person makes you feel when you’re with them. Be creative in what you want to attract!

  6. What makes the new relationship special to you?  

  7. What qualities do you like most about him/her?

  8. How has the love unfolded? What fun date places did you venture off to?

  9. How’s the romance?

  10. What are their family and friends like and how do your friends like you matched with this person?

  11. New Career move or aspirations for promotions on the 2018 horizon?… Celebrate in your letter as though it’s already happened and you’re simply reflecting the wonderful life change you had.

  12. What amazing job did you land?

  13. Did you start a new business on your own?

  14. We’re you selected for a top role in the company you work for?

  15. Salary and bonus increases? Exceeded all your goals?

  16. New place to live or city to move to? Are you feeling like you want a lifestyle change in 2018, somewhere new, different… clean slate to make your own?… Write in your letter describing your new home. 

  17. Where did you end up moving to?

  18. What can you see out of your windows at home? Trees? Ocean? Stars?

  19. How are your neighbors? Are you living in an apartment,  a cul de sac tucked away in a quiet area? City Life in Chicago or SF?

  20. Create the reminiscence of a wonderful happy home, somewhere new, fun, and safe!

You can write and create whatever it is you want in 2018…

So pick up your pen (which is your creative paintbrush) and fast forward to the end of next year and reflect on all the good that you’ve created.

Once you write the letter – read it 3 times out loud to yourself and place it somewhere hidden. Set a reminder in your phone for 12-31-2018 to read this letter and enjoy all the creation you are about to attract this coming year 🙂

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