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What You Are Thankful for This Year – Gratitude Meditation and Ritual


Happy almost New Year to you! With 3 days left, why not finish out the year with a bang, with this fun meditation. It will help get your energy in the right frequency space to receive unlimited abundance… If this year was especially challenging for you, this will be the perfect opportunity to shift your mindset and create the things you want from your experiences.

What you will need:

  1. Pen

  2. Paper

  3. Candle and matches

  4. Yoga block or pillow

  5. The letter you wrote to yourself a year from now

  6. Quiet space (inside or outside)

  7. Timer set for 10 minutes dedicated to you 

Step 1:

  1. Write down EVERYTHING you can think of that you were grateful for this year (do NOT focus on the challenges just yet). Start with the basics like your health, food, water and a roof over your head.  We often forget to give gratitude towards the the basic things we have that help us survive on this planet ????

  2. My Top are… Health | My basics | Living in a safe environment | My savings | Being near the beach | The sun | All my safe travels this year | Potpot | My career that I enjoy | Successful work deals | New relationships | Commitment to myself to write meaningful blog posts | Amazing and supportive close friends | Spa Days | Golf | Italy trip | Fun concerts | … AND so much more (I could fill up this whole page!!)

Step 2:

  1. Write down the challenges and self growth you encountered this year (it may have been super challenging, but keep in mind that each experience you have is a building block towards your best version, if you choose it to be).

  2. My top challenges this year were … Being open and vulnerable | Self discipline with making time to work out when traveling

  3. For each challenge you had this year, write down what you learned as a lesson.

  4. Being open and vulnerable: I learned that when I am open with others, I receive a deeper amount of support. I also learned that each time I trust my inner guide with decisions that I make, it strengthens. With that strength has also come an easier time with letting go of things or “issues.” 

  5. Self Discipline when making time to work out – I am going to be honest, I continue to struggle with this one. With that said, I did hire a personal trainer and he’s shown me easy moves and stretches I can do in the hotel room, as well as quick 15 minute workouts. Through this experience I have learned to be gracious towards myself. Effort, even if small is a win and I must honor and respect that effort! 

Step 3:

  1. Find a quiet space, light your candle and sit comfortably on your yoga block or pillow.

Step 4:

  1. Read aloud all the wonderful experiences you created in 2017 and begin with…

“I am thankful Universe and filled with gratitude for ….”  

  1. Read aloud all the challenging experiences you created in 2017 and begin with…

“I am thankful Universe for the lessons created to guide me towards the best version of myself…”

Step 5:

  1. Start your timer for 10 minutes.

  2. Read the 2018 letter to yourself and give yourself time to envision what it feels like as though it’s already happened!

Wishing you a wonderful New Year! I would love to hear from you so comment below with what you want to create in 2018!!!

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