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What Does the Full Package Look Like?

And no ladies I’m not talking about his package 😉

I’m talking about your package and how important it is to assess, feel and know who you are FULLY. If you struggle with knowing what you want out of life, finding the “right” relationship, have a hard time expressing yourself, people pleasing or validation seeking outside of yourself – being the FULL PACKAGE will get you on the right path to knowing who you are and attracting wonderful relationships and abundance.


Set your intention and practice focusing on what it is you want in yourself and career journey. Check out the blog on how to set intentions if you’re new to the idea.


Know and appreciate all the gifts, talents you’ve been blessed with. Explore your body and recognize the beauty that you have, remember that there is NO ONE out there just like you.   You’re not a cookie cutter being, you’re a just as unique as stars are in the sky.?


Be curious about life and learn new things about who you are, places, things and others; be passionate about the process of learning and mastery. 

Love yourself

When you love who you are, your energy will attract far more good experiences because you don’t settle for anything less than what’s good or healthy for you. To love yourself is to trust yourself and no other. 

Positive mindset

There is tremendous opportunity when shit life hits the fan or you’re having a mercury retrograde moment to maintain a positive mindset. It’s easy to be positive when things are awesome in life, but shifting your mindset and thoughts on how you respond when things aren’t so good is key to being the full package for any position you apply for.


Health and the physical look to how you dress, take time for your appearance and if you’re not a pro in this department there’s plenty of people out there willing to support you in your appearance… check out a couple of my favorites Beglammed and Petaluma & Co are both great companies who’s mission is to help others look and feel their best.


Everyone has ideas and yes some can be crazy and off the wall, I encourage you to write them all down daily or weekly. This fuels the mindset to be creative. Next thing you know, you’re best ideas come easy and blows your mind.


This one most of us are taught at a very very early age. You may not always see eye to eye with someone at work (or in your personal life), but it’s a better option to take the high road and treat them with kindness… even if you’re boiling inside.


Be the person that takes personal initiative and is proactive. Execute, ask questions not out of uncertainty, but for the collaboration with others. Take action for yourself to do and figure things out verses saying I’ve never done this before… or I don’t know how to… figure that sh*t out yourself.


Start and end your day with things big or small that are good in your life and create joy. If you have trouble thinking of 5 things, ask your best friend or someone you trust to help you.

Emotionally centered

Meditate and explore your emotions and feelings. What inspires you, moves you, or ticks you. Awareness of your feelings tied to experiences will be the wrapping and bow to the full package of YOU!

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