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Unleash the Spirit Animal in You to Make Change Happen Now

I’m not only a huge dog lover, (@Potpot Adventures) but when I visit the zoo I’m like a kid again in complete awe of all the different types of animals, big and small. Each and every one of them have their own characteristics… from the owl who’s wise and majestic to the elephant who steals the hearts of humans due to its nature in size to the hummingbird who flaps its wings more than 70 times a second and is the only bird that can fly backwards – fascinating

We as humans, are connected to the animal kingdom and have in us a spirit animal that can guide us to soar and tap into similar strengths that particular animal possesses. 

So how do you know what your spirit animal is?  

There’s a couple ways to discover what your spirit animal is.  

The first way simply comes natural:

  1. You either thought about it as a kid (for me it was a killer whale at the age of 5)

  2. You were fascinated about that animal, maybe you read books about them or sketched them on a notepad during school

  3. You have a strong connection or pull to that animal

  4. You may have had an encounter growing up with the animal and you were immediately in awe and in love of it’s beauty

  5. It holds a special place in your heart

The second way is learning about yourself and finding an animal that  resonates with you:

  1. What are your strengths? Bold like a lion’s roar? Sensitive like a dolphin?  Make a list of your strengths and discover which animals have similar strengths as your.

  2. What temperature and environment do you feel you fit in the best? Outside in the forest? Ocean? Rivers and Lakes? Cold or Hot climates? Animals that live in similar climates could resonate with you.

  3. How do you respond to conflict or fear? Do you run like crazy similar zebras/gazelles when senses of predators are nearby? Do you freeze like a deer in the headlights when you feel threatened?

  4. You developed a connection with the animal and feel like if you were to come back as an animal you would want to be that animal.

Unleash your Spirit Animal to make change!

Feeling stuck? Unable to move forward, make a decision, or leap into the unknown with faith and presence?

Your spirit animal can help you take the steps needed and unleash your power, your strengths, your ability to reach unlimited possibilities and rise high.


Take the time to know which animal connects with your inner self.


All the great things about this animal and list next to each attribute how you are similar.

For Example:

  1. Killer Whale

  2. What I like about them: Yin Yang – Dualities | Community | Bold | Vocal | Dance with the ocean

  3. How am I similar: Use both sides of the brain and heart | Social and need connection with others | Love to present | Great stage presence


The strengths of this animal can move you forward when you’re in times of fear or self doubt.

For Example:

  1. Killer Whale

  2. When I am in fear – Traveling on planes | pushing myself to grow and learn new things | stagnate

  3. Focus on what the killer whale would do – Killer Whales handle traveling like a boss, they migrate easily 75 miles a day in the vast ocean with plenty of turbulence | they hunt everyday to eat which is not always easy… they push forward grow and learn to catch their prey for survival | they can get up to 30 miles an hour if they need to turn it up a notch (sprinting) which resonates with me… I sprint, long distance not so much! LOL


  1. “My spirit animal within me provides _________________________.”

  2. Say this affirmation when you need to unleash the power of that animal 🙂

The truth is like a lion, you don’t have to defend it, let it loose, it will defend itself” – St. Augustine

We still have time left in the year to tackle your vision boards and finish the year strong achieving and making change. Embrace your animal side to help you take the steps towards the best version of yourself.

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