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Transformational Coach About Me

 A well-traveled business woman who has enjoyed beautiful Southern California for the last six years. Born in North Carolina and raised in Tempe, Arizona I was a curious and stubborn child always asking questions and wondering about the world I was born in (WHY was my favorite word). I didn’t have the ideal childhood and had to grow up fast, however through the adversity, I gained all the necessary life skills that got me to where I am today. The most impactful lesson has been awareness leads to growth and happiness. Choices have a lasting effect on life. I’m determined to make this journey a fun-filled, luxurious, risk-taking, and international experience (says the little adventurous unshakeable girl inside).

Thus far my journey has led me to be…

passionate about knowledge, education, business, innovation, dance/yoga, and entrepreneurship. Attending college was a life milestone for me. Growing up, there was no intention of ever going to college, however with the influence of a high school guidance counselor I landed a few scholarships, and into a four year school. I graduated with two bachelor degrees from Arizona State (Global Business and Family Studies). After years of professional experience under my belt I then continued my education graduating with my MBA from USC (Fight on!) I value knowledge and experiences that others share. It has shaped my career path, network and relationships.

Working in sales throughout the years has made rejection an opportunity for tremendous growth. It has taught me to build relationships that last with clients, never take business personal (although that can be hard at times), follow up is key, and being persistent pays off.  I never viewed myself as a “salesperson” because it has such a bad shitty stigma to it (insert crazy face of a car salesman). The lifeline of ANY business is sales and loved growing into this profession. I wasn’t the best salesperson at first, I’ve been “let go” before, missed numbers, lost deals and sold solutions I hated selling.

When I started to dig deep in my own personal transformation, that is when the dots connected and I became great confident in sales. Understanding relationship dynamics, LISTENING to clients and partners, are essential behaviors of a savvy salesperson leader. I’ve now generated millions of dollars helping businesses scale and grow, launched new innovative products and solutions successfully and revolutionized how clients buy value.

All of my experiences, growth and findings are what have lead me to this next chapter milestone, the launch of my blog. My intention for this blog is to inspire transformation with oneself and create the career and life that you want and deserve, as well as create a supportive community for career driven women. I want this to be a safe space for all, which means I am going to be authentic and vulnerable, a skill that continues to be a work in progress for me.


Whether you’re currently in college or graduated years ago and are now trying to “find yourself” again. My intention through my writing experiences is to encourage you. Take those chances and steps in life leading you to where you want to be and who you want to be. It CAN happen to you, I believe it.

So before we begin this exciting adventure together, let me break the ice by sharing some fun facts about me:

I consider myself united nations… Hawaiian/Chinese/Black/Mexican a very diverse ethnic background. Totally blessed culturally growing up. My name Kalani means “the heavens, sky, royal, majesty”. Ummm – pretty big shoes I gotta live up to being named after the “heavens”… thanks mom and dad for setting the bar way high.

I’ve traveled all over the world, 20 countries and counting. Hong Kong, Thailand, and Italy I would visit again in a heartbeat!

I am the annoying worst Uber backseat driver… well, depending on who’s in the front seat.

Shot a 50-caliber sniper rifle in Iraq (when I went on an entertainment tour as a performer). I did it while squeezing my butt cheeks.

I love Mexican food… Chips and Salsa should have been my First and Middle name (I’m down for a Taco Tuesday).

I’ve danced half naked in front of 75 thousand screaming fans (former NFL cheerleader).

Recent grad of a 8 week, 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training program I signed up for on a whim (namaste).

I like a good dirty drink..Martini (extra dirty) and a Dirty Chai with 2 shots of espresso, anytime, any day.

One of my favorite qualities about myself, is my snort/laugh… it’s contagious.

Hiked Havasupai Falls in record time and the last 2 miles were in pitch black. I’m a total princess when it comes to being off the grid.

Finding Nemo gets me every time… I still cry when I watch it (by far my favorite movie).

Terrified of heights, still manage to fly almost every week (can’t let fear win).

My dog Princeton AKA “Potpot” is the love of my life and best thing ever. He doesn’t bark and is a total love magnet.

Well here we go… look forward to inspiring a community of women who lead and influence the growth of businesses, innovation, and change.

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