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The Struggle is Real… How to Stay Healthy While Being a Road Warrior

My schedule for the next month:

San Diego → Chicago → San Diego → Alberta → San Diego → San Francisco → San Diego → North Carolina → Seattle → Phoenix  → on and on and on!

I love my job, my clients, my coworkers and helping Retail Executives. I love it so much that I’m on a plane and living out of hotels pretty much every week (BTW I have serious anxiety taking off on airplanes and have learned to not take a ton of drugs, instead I fly with my dog, and YES people he’s a legit ESA…more on that handsome fella later).  

Life on the road has it’s perks, but it also comes with the challenge of creating a new normal and incorporating things like eating healthy and staying active. My first year on the job, room service was my BFF and I would order it ALL THE TIME..breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in between. There’s something about getting in a robe, browsing the menu, ordering 2-3 things (for 1 mind you), the hotel staff delivering your food to your room, eating and then going to bed. Those travel nights added up quickly and so did the pounds and lack of energy, which meant I had to make a change and commit to staying healthy when I travel or else…well, I don’t even want to think about the “or else” shit crap.

So how do I do it? By following these 5 simple habits:

Say NO to Room Service UNLESS…

Eating something nutritious from the menu is acceptable, however late night pizza, wings, french fries and burgers are a big NO, even when traveling in late at night and all your craving is a big greasy plate of something that will inevitably go straight to your hips.


I bought a fitbit and it helps me stay motivated to be active for at least 30 minutes, as well as keeps track of my steps and sleeping patterns – great investment!

Sweaty 30

As mentioned, I promise myself 30 minutes of sweat a day –

Snackie Time…

Mixed Nuts, bananas, protein bars (always look at the ingredients to make sure they are not full of sugar) are some of my favorite snacks that I always pack with me in my carry on. Water is another big energy booster, I drink mostly water with lemon or cucumber throughout the day…and Kombucha (yum)! 

Don’t Eat after…

I stop eating at least 2 hours before my bedtime (which is usually 11-12pm). Any food right before you go to sleep is hard for the body to process and breakdown, and it often turns to fat. I always make it a point to book client dinners on the earlier side so that I’m not up too late drinking Pino Noir, having the “meat sweats” and eating desserts right before bedtime.

These 5 simple habits have helped me stay energized and motivated while on the road, so whether you travel consistently for work or simply know the struggle is real with staying active and healthy… remember it’s a mindset and a lifestyle.

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