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The Staycation for the Workaholic

Werk werk werk…

Long hours, traveling, working through lunch to slay and the be the best version of your career self. It takes dedication, time, and most of all hard work.  If you’re not careful you might find yourself gaining weight, feeling stressed, becoming antisocial, losing sleep and heading down a path towards burnout.

I’m on the road weekly, up and down the West Coast visiting some of America’s finest cities. I’ve been doing this for a few years now and I often get asked,

“Aren’t you tired of all that travel?”  

My answer is always No and it’s because I’ve been able to cultivate centeredness in my life. I admit, sometimes I do fall off the waggon and I have to put myself in check. How did/do I do it? I created the Staycation to help me get back on track to having energy, flow and balance, which are all internally needed to help me thrive to the next level.


If you can get away to a local Resort or Hotel even for the night Do IT!  If you’re like me who travels often, set your home up to be a relaxing environment for you. Commit to yourself; creating this time will allow you to rejuvenate whether it’s one day, a weekend or a week… you get to pick.  Put away the emails, to do lists and only plan things that bring you joy!

Some Examples:

SLEEP IN – Give yourself an extra 30 mins or 2 hours than what you normally would.  Got Kids? I know lots of you moms that don’t have the luxury to sleep in.  Option: lay in bed (BEFORE  jumping to get the baby or little ones) START your morning with 5 deep breaths Inhale|Exhale.

YOGA or MEDITATE in the morning. 

WORKOUT or WALK AROUND A NICE PARK OR AREA THAT BRINGS YOU JOY – The key is to boost your energy to move around and jump start the body.

BOOK A MASSAGE, MANICURES or PEDICURES to come visit your home or head over to a day Spa.

READ A GOOD BOOKGet lost in a book that you bought months ago and keep putting off. Relax and allow it to take you away… and finish it!

LIGHT UP CANDLES OR SAGE –  bring a calming relaxation to the home.

COOK A RECIPE – Whether you’re a pro or challenged (like me) trying out a new recipe can be quite therapeutic. If you’re absolutely not a cook and it doesn’t bring you joy, option: try a new restaurant you’ve been wanting to eat at.

GO TO A MOVIE BY YOURSELF – Now this may sound  scary or uncomfortable to do, but I can tell you that it’s quite liberating to be your own date and watch a movie with yourself. If you’re embarrassed or shy, try to catch an early or daytime flick.  This exercise helps to build confidence 🙂

REFLECTION ON YOUR LIFE – Spend time writing about where you are in life and if you’re happy with what you’ve created thus far.  Staycations allow the space and time to reflect.

TURN OFF YOUR PHONE – Have some time away from technology, you determine how long, but give yourself a minimum of 3 hours.

Enjoy your STAYCATION and make the best of it, afterwards you’ll feel great and full of love… for yourself.

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