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Tea Chat with Inspirational Women: Featuring Laura Wilde

Welcome to my next special post in my series called “Coffee Tea Chat.” This series is focused on inspirational women who love their jobs and want to inspire other women to find their passions and transform their lives. Today’s coffee Tea chat features Laura Wilde, who is the mastermind behind Holistic Hustler, a California based conscious lifestyle brand for an awakened generation (amazing Teas you have to check out). Keep reading to hear about how she starts her day, a rockin random fact about her and some great tips for those that are trying to pave their own path in life.

1. Where do you live and what is one random fact about you to break the ice with our readers?

I am originally from Melbourne, Australia, but have been living in Los Angeles for the past 7 years. One random fact about me is that I’m also a bit of a rock ‘n’ roller and toured internationally playing lead guitar and fronting a band.

2. What is the first thing you like to do before you start your day?

When I’m laying in bed before I even open my eyes, I practice gratitude and set the intention that it will be a wonderfully inspiring day.  I highly recommend trying this!  I find it truly creates a positive tone for the entire day and if something throws you off, just go back to that gentle and encouraging voice in your head.

3. What inspired you to choose your career path as an entrepreneur? Is there a childhood memory that made you decide?

I have been a professional musician since I was about 17, which really instilled a lot of entrepreneurial principles naturally within. I have always loved the combination of creativity grounded with discipline, as well as being able to work at my own pace. When I started Holistic Hustler just under 2 years ago, it was just a matter of refocusing my energy and creativity into wellness. 

4. What was your very first step to get you where you are today as an entrepreneur?

I remember the first big step I took was accepting to be a product sponsor of an event for the Oscar’s.  At the time Holistic Hustler was only a couple of mug prototypes, which had already been sold and some tea blend samples in Ziploc bags! I had to drastically reign everything in and consolidate the branding, social media and get my product supply chain in order. Some of the shipments didn’t arrive until the day before the event! I was so lucky that it all came together on time.

5. What was your big challenge you had to overcome to help you move forward growing your business with new clients/customers?

When you’re first starting out with a new venture everyone you encounter is very quick to offer up their advice or opinion on what you’re doing. Being able to decipher what is worth taking on board can be quite challenging.  I’m a notoriously stubborn Capricorn, which certainly has its benefits in these early stages of a new project. If your brand is authentic and from your heart, business growth will come as it will naturally resonate with people.

6. What are three habits you would recommend to someone pursuing their dream career as an entrepreneur?

  1. Develop the ability to dream big and set goals that scare you along with the discipline, grit and determination to make them happen.

  2. Be patient and allow the seeds that you plant to come to fruition. This takes time.

  3. Be bold. Have the courage to make a definitive move and leap into unfamiliar territory.

7. How would you describe your support network? Who’s in it?

I am lucky enough to be surrounded by the most incredibly supportive network of like-minded yet unbelievably varied people. Everything from Kundalini Gurus, revolutionary tech minds, athletes, rock musicians and everything in between.

8. What’s one skill you’re currently working on to be an effective leader?

Fronting a band as a teen, I was forced to learn a broad cross section of leadership skills at a young age. Some of the band members were a lot older as well so I had to really step it up. In my experience, being an effective leader entails inspiring whoever you’re working with and making them feel like they are valued and part of a team. Also, the initiative to spearhead new ventures and make definitive decisions.

9. To balance out your work life, what’s your fitness and health regime?

I’m all about the holistic approach and taking good care of the mind and body. Without getting too heavily into my wacky wellness world; I meditate twice a day, I do hot yoga about 6 times a week, I drink Ascend Cleanse Awaken & Dreams tea morning and night, drink about a gallon of water daily and maintain a plant-based diet. No coffee or alcohol. Clean livin’ baby!

10. What is one book that helped you on your career journey that you would recommend?

One book that had the biggest impact on me was Kabbalistic Astrology by Rav Berg. I was in a very different place a few years ago and this book really held me accountable to my own behavior and who I was letting into my life.

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