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Sunset Meditation – 5 Minute Guide to End Your Day

Is it just me

Or does it feel like the days are flying by faster than ever? Wake up early to get the day started, boss ladying it at work, travel, daily fitness, eat, text, flirt, snapchat, insta-stories… next thing you know it’s nighttime and the next day is ON.REPEAT.  

Where’s the pause button?

On another note, it seems we all love to acknowledge what day of the week it is… Monday (while most dread the Mondaze, I actually enjoy it because it means the start of a brand new week), Taco Tuesdays (my fav), everyone perks up by Wednesday (aka Hump Day) and Thursday is overlooked as Pre-Fri-Yay… then the weekend is here!

Let me ask you something…

What if we were to get as excited about watching the sunset everyday like we do about the weekend? Wherever you live, the sunset has it’s own flavor shining down on you. I challenge you to take some time out of your busy schedule to enjoy my quick sunset meditation guide below. This will give you an opportunity to end your day with some much needed self love, as well as help with mental preparation for the next day.

1. Google what time the sun will be setting

Place a reminder on your phone, calendar, sticky note (whatever helps you remember) and give yourself 5 minutes before the sun goes down.

2. Drive, walk or be in flight to see the sun actually setting

Find a quiet, enjoyable place. Even if it’s pulling up in a park or beach parking spot to take in the views. If you live in the city with tall buildings surrounding you, acknowledge the sky above and see the colors changing, signaling to you to stop what you’re doing and take in the last few moments of daylight.

3. Give praise, thanks and write down FIVE things that happened to you today

Reflect on the good, the bad and evolving experiences that continue to shape who you are.

  1. Next to each experience you wrote down – name a feeling that resonated with you… you could also use emojis ? ? ?

4. Write down ONE old habit/belief you are wanting to let go

Use the same belief until you no longer are triggered or believe it. Remember…old habits take time to change. Use the affirmation: “I chose to let go and surrender ________ belief or habit.

5. Close your eyes for 2-3 minutes and reflect on your day and what you want to create for tomorrow

Be kind, be loving, be grateful with yourself. Know that where you are at this very moment is supposed to be.

6. Enjoy the Sun

As is goes down behind the mountains, beach, buildings; kissing the horizon and giving it a high five.

Do this sunset meditation starting twice a week and you’ll feel a shift in your energy and ability to be more open and excited about tomorrow (even if it’s a Monday)!

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