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Summer Ends, Now What? Must Knows to Finish Out Your Year Strong

Rabbit Rabbit – Happy September! With summer officially ending Labor day weekend, you’re probably asking yourself, now what?


As I look at what I’ve done and where I’ve been this year, it’s been filled with lots of traveling (San Francisco, Seattle, New York, Chicago, Cancun, LA, Malibu, Portland and Italy is next?)… Staycation spa days at some of the best resorts in California, successes and exceeding goals in my career, and I’ve even found time to date (I have some crazy stories too – future blog posts for sure).

This year being one of best/favorite years yet, accomplishing happiness and self discipline, I want to end it with a bang. There’s some work I still need to do in order to finish out strong in the health and fitness department. We’re all human, and I still have some negative thoughts that like to pop up around my body image.

Gone are the days I could eat whatever I wanted (easily putting away 2-3K calories a day) and not gain a pound, but lose weight. Yeah… those days are over and I am now in the process of rewiring my brain. I’m developing new thought habits to be compassionate about my body, cook healthy and adopt new habits.

Whatever your goals are for this year you still have time to hustle!!

Use these Key Steps below to help you get there:

1. Find a support team or partner

This will help keep you accountable on what it is you’re focused on. I hired a health coach and get to talk with her weekly about the goals I set for that week on what I want to eat and how I will manage my eating while traveling.

2. Be clear and realistic about what it is you want

Decide what you want and really think about if how you think you can get there is realistic or not…don’t set yourself up for failure right from the get go.

  1. What is your commitment? I have made a commitment about “feeling good” about my body.

  2. What does that commitment realistically look like? For me a realistic change is… stay away from the weight scale as that can be discouraging and gaining muscle and changing up the body takes time. Use the measure of my clothes and how they fit is realistic for me. 

  3. Identify what any beliefs tied to your commitment you need to change. As much as I would love body changes/weight loss happen instantly, it doesn’t. For the longest time, I thought if I ate healthy for one week I would drop my weight in 5 days. Perfect example of not being realistic.

3. Timeline and milestone

Set a date to complete your goal and then circle it on the calendar, plug it into your Google or Outlook calendar or yes iCalendar. Leading up to that date:

  1. set alarms  in your calendar as milestones, daily, weekly or monthly (that’s up to you). This will allow you to make sure that you are moving towards your goal in a timely manner. A goal that I have set for myself is that in 12 weeks from now I will fit in my clothes nicely and feel more confident and loving in my body.

  2. create reminders and milestones –  I’m talking weekly with my coach, as well as taking photos of my body along the way to evaluate my progress. I have also started to schedule my workouts ahead of time verses going when I feel like it or telling myself I’ll get around to it …because yes, that’s a recipe for disaster. Putting it in my calendar makes me committed!

4. Know that you can

Doubt loves to come around, but when it does you just have to tell it “Bye Felicia!” There is so much information, support and realistic examples you can learn from to help you reach your goal, all you have to do is take the baby steps and remain confident in your abilities. 

  1. acknowledge your negative thoughts and don’t be hard on yourself if you have a set back.  I too get the urge to skip a healthy meal and go for the extra taco or another bowl of chips.  I’ve learned instead of beating myself of mentally I acknowledge the choice. Next time the urge comes around I think twice about how it will affect me mentally and I ask myself, “does this choice lead me in the direction of my goals?”

5. Plan your celebration a head of time

How do you want to bring in 2018, celebrating all that you’ve accomplished in 2017  – reaching your dreams, stretching yourself and making it happen?  The best part is feeling great about something you put your mind to, new house? excellent work performance? getting over an Ex? saving up? eating healthy or staying fit?  Planning a head of time and doing something fun will motivate you to get there faster. You deserve to take time to celebrate all that you’ve succeeded in.

I plan to celebrate New Years Eve with a bang, somewhere fun (maybe tropical) and wearing something gorgeous that shows off my figure and feeling confident in it!

“With self-discipline most anything is possible.” – Theodore Roosevelt

Today is the first day of the rest of your life, so what are you waiting for? Get after your goals, get out of the funk, get back on the wagon and get going… YOU CAN DO IT!!!

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