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Steps to get out of Your Comfort Zone

One of my favorite sayings is: 

Be comfortable being uncomfortable.  – ox·y·mo·ron?

It’s a constant reminder I should continuously hustle even if it doesn’t always feel good while in the process.  It’s worth it once I’ve obtained the goal, a happy client, new skill… whatever it may be. HOWEVER let’s be real, it can be hard to push through every single day, day in and day out. 

How can one actually be comfortable BEING uncomfortable?

The answer to this question is simply, AWARENESS of your mind and behavior (how you act towards experiences on a day to day). Such a high percentage of people make the choice to stay in the same place, resist change or when opportunities knock they don’t feel like they’re ready or capable. One way to stay in a comfortable bubble is having distractions to keep you there. Observing and taking notice of distractions is the first step to overcoming resistance and selfsabotage.

Comfort Zone – Distractions can show up as the following:

  1. Procrastination and delays to in decision making.

  2. Worrying about other people’s behavior (even when there’s no impact on you).

  3. Emotionally eating to avoid the task or issue at hand (sweets, drinking, fast foods).

  4. Urge or need to control (especially outcomes).

  5. Not listening to your body (injuries, pains and aches).

  6. Worrying about what others think of you. 

  7. Living on autopilot (same old same).

  8. Feeling like you’re not capable.

  9. Staying in unhealthy relationships (of any kind romantic, work related, friendships…).

  10. Becoming addicted to something unhealthy.

Comfort Zone – Sh*tty self-talk…

  1. “Someone else can do that better than me…”

  2. “_____ will never like that idea, I shouldn’t bring it up, they’ll probably think it’s ridiculous…”

  3. “That’s a stupid question, I shouldn’t ask it…”

  4. “I’ll screw up, become stressed… I don’t want to…”

  5. “They think I’m…so I am”

  6. “I’ll never be good enough because…”

  7. “It’s too late because of…”

  8. “If I had _____, _____, _____ I could maybe…”

  9. “But I need ____ to make it work…”

How to be Comfortable being Uncomfortable?

  1. Allow yourself to feel uncomfortable and not shut down. 

  2. Meditate and breathe. 

  3. Embrace and praise yourself during new experiences.

  4. Try something new once a day (new coffee drink, different route to work, new workout..).

  5. Accomplish the most stressful task first in the morning and getting it out of the way.

  6. Visualize the possibilities and then let go of the outcomes.

  7. Take ownership of your power to choose. 

  8. Network with new people in your company or at an event.

  9. Say something positive to someone you would most likely never say it to. 

  10. Turn your morning shower to cold for 15 seconds before you hop out.

  11. Look at yourself in the mirror morning/night and say “I love you” 40 days in a row.

Whether you want to be the top employee where you work (interpreter), successful entrepreneur, master a new skill, change jobs or industries, or do something that has you uncomfortable, but your dreams keep bringing it to light… jump in and make it happen. Remember you didn’t come into this world already knowing how to run, talk and read… you took baby steps to get you there.

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