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Spending Time, Energy and Money on Yourself

Will be your best investment in life!

I recently made a purchase to fly business class overseas to Italy for an upcoming trip and it was a pretty penny to spend. As I made the purchase online I was excited and it made me think about why it’s important to have the mindset of self “investing”.

It’s easy to ignore or say NO to opportunities… list all the reasons WHY you shouldn’t do something like upgrade to the finer things in life, focus on yourself  (instead stick with being an emotional caregiver) or place yourself in the realm of discomfort. To see change, create your dreams and hit your envisioned goals, one must grow, take steps with time, energy and money.

These 3 life attributes are essential to happiness and enjoying the journey.

Six Key Ways to Self Invest


1. Create Space! Whether it’s something new you want to learn or finalizing a chapter in your life, develop the space for it. You may be single, on the go with a robust social life or a mother of two little ones running around, who has a desire to try a new workout class, pick up a new language or even try a new cooking recipe. Whatever it is, invest the time to do it. You are the one who decides how much of your time you’d like to give (to yourself). Travel is something I enjoy very much, so I make an effort to plan trips and save/budget for vacations.

2. Don’t waste your time. You can never get back last Friday or Saturday or relive 1999, so make the effort to use your present time effectively.


3. Self invest in your energy – energy is the frequency at which you feel and operate in, By practicing to raise it and being in a state of curiosity and gratitude. Meditation as a daily practice, being in nature, volunteering are a few ways to create a shift effect in your energy.

4. Be mindful of who you surround yourself with. People can influence you positively and provide a boost to your energy by helping you bring out the best in you. Be around people who genuinely ask questions, support, love to laugh, self regulate and provide empathy. Avoid relationships that consistently weigh you down and make you feel drained. Nagging, complaining, playing victim, drama, obsessions and addictions of others can deplete your self invested energy and become a time sucker.


5. Save up! If you’re company provides a 401K, sign up and check to see if they have a marching plan. If they do, max out the matching option, it’s additional money in your pocket your employer provides to you. It may be tough if you find yourself living paycheck to paycheck so create the self discipline needed to put a little something away each paycheck. Trust me, your future self will thank you!

6. Only spend what you can afford. We live in a world where instant gratification is at its all time high, so it’s easy to swipe on a credit card with the promise to yourself that you’ll pay it later. Spending less than what you make is a foundational mindset to create more money energy and abundance. By spending less and only what you can afford, it gives you the opportunity to save and invest for your future.

Finish out the year by acting on improving  how you self invest in your time, energy and money.

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