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Signs You are Mentally Exhausted and How to Reset

Mental exhaustion can very easily creep up on ya. Lately I’ve been feeling a bit more tired, resulting in me having to push through with coffee (or tea) to knockout the ever growing “to do” list.  There’s never enough hours in a day to get EVERYTHING done, so knocking out a daily priority list is a great tool to help prevent becoming mentally tired. If I start to feel like I’m a bit “off” and not on my mental game, I like to make sure I reset immediately and listen to my thoughts, body and internal self.

Part of mental burnout can come from thinking about too much stuff and trying to fit it all in a very short time period.

So what are some of the signs? ? ⏰?

  1. Lack of focus

  2. Forgetting things

  3. Procrastinating

  4. Worrying

  5. Easily distracted

  6. Tired or low energy

  7. Hard to get motivated

  8. Decreased performance

  9. Increased irritation (patience is running out)

  10. Workout routine has declined (fallen off the wagon)

  11. Missing appointments or overbooking yourself

  12. Putting the f*ing milk in the cupboard (yes….I’ve done that)

Looking for a few quick ways to get back to your A game when you’re feeling a burnout is just around the corner?

BLOCK out a WEEKEND to do the following:

1. Don’t schedule any commitments whatsoever.

Put FOMO on the sidelines and make the weekend about you.

2. Get your Sleep on

Give yourself a minimum of 8 hours both days. Sleep is so important and I put it above working out, eating and meditating. The body needs to recharge and connect the subconscious part of the mind.

  1. If you have a hard time sleeping, lay in bed and breathe slowly and practice allowing the body rest.

  2. If you feel that your body needs more sleep, DO IT.  Sometimes a full day to reset in bed is what one might need. And don’t feel guilty about it. Look at it this way, you’re preventing any future sickness. In plus, sleep is also a form of mental fitness (so pretty much it’s like horizontal cardio ?).

3. No TV, and minimal phone activity

Disconnect from electronics for a couple days.  You’d be surprise what wonders taking a break from  TV, phones, and computers can do for you mentally.

  1. If you absolutely need to stay connected, then give yourself a time limit of 3-4 hours each day having technology around.  The rest of the day should be filled with the mental recharging activities. Let your friends and family know ahead of time that you will be disconnecting from your electronics. This way it gives them the opportunity to support you during you during your mental reset…oh and so they don’t freak out thinking you just fell off the face the earth. 

4. Workout each day for 60 minutes

Attend a new gym/studio you’ve never been to and try out a yoga, kickboxing, cross-fit, tennis or some form of fun exercise you’ve been wanting to try all this time but you haven’t made the time… Now is the time. I specifically mentioned NEW because mentally this creates fresh energy and excitement kicks back in.

5. Watch the sunset and take a photo of it

Let this be a reminder that each day is special and yes, we like to stay busy, slay a way, and thrive to be our best versions.  The sun is a reminder that we are given only the present and each moment is not to be taken for granted.

Mental fitness is the key to happiness, physical health and most importantly inner peace. So even with big, crazy goals to accomplish or trying to work on creating your ideal self and life, be thankful for where you are in this very moment on your journey.

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