Shower Meditation from Head to Toe – Energy Cleanse

Water acts as a healing element on this earth and gives us life. I don’t know if you’re like me, but I always feel more grounded when I am near water, whether it’s the beach, a lake or simply taking a shower.

This post will walk you through a relaxing meditation that will help cleanse your energy and allow you to feel more mentally clear in 10 minutes.

Items you will need:

  1. Candle

  2. Sage

  3. Comfortable clothes already picked out for when you get out of the shower

  4. Coconut Oil or favorite moistureizer

  5. Your favorite towel

Step 1:  

Schedule this meditation to be at least a 10 minute shower before bedtime. PS… make sure you do this meditation in a sober state of mind. The spins and zen don’t exactly go together like peanut butter and jelly. 

Step 2:

Turn off your phone or put it on airplane mode and do not take it into the bathroom with you. Turn off the TV and tell anyone you live with that you’re going to be meditating for the next 10+ minutes and will need to not to be interrupted during that time. 

Step 3:

Start running your shower to a medium/hot temperature. Light your candle and sage by the sink or somewhere that is nearby the shower (make sure nothing is around the candle… safety first ladies!!). With the Sage, wave the sent into the shower and say the following affirmations 2X each:

  1. “I am centered and creating space for clarity.”

  2. “I am cleansing my body and mind to relax and allow creativity.”

  3. “Let the water that comes through this shower serve a purpose to my higher good.”

Allow the sage to continue to burn and lay it by the candle.

Step 4:

Step into the shower and feel the temperature of the water warm up your body, close your eyes and begin to relax (option to sit in the shower).

  1. Think of one (no more than two things) you need clarity on and shift in your life.

  2. Play those experiences out in your life as they are today.

  3. Ask yourself if you’re ready for change – a Yes or No will appear and trust whatever it is you see.

Step 5:

Think of inspirations for change, recent conversations, thoughts, signs that naturally come to you and show you little shifts already happening. 

  1. Where is it you’d like to eventually be?

  2. Who is there to support you?

  3. What does it feel like to have this change?

Step 6:

Open your eyes… Release and feel the gratitude.

  1. Think and relive 3 wonderful things that happened to you in recent time.

  2. Start to find more things to be grateful for… it could be as simple as running water to take a shower in (not everyone has that luxury in this world).

Step 7:

End your meditation with moisturizing your body with coconut oil or your favorite lotion. Give yourself thanks and blow out the candle.


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