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Shoes and Totes for the Road Warrior

Are you a road warrior? Do you love shoes and totes? Well then this post is screaming your name!

I travel on a weekly basis and my work wardrobe has evolved into being comfort chic.If you are an avid traveler yourself or packing for your very first work trip, being a combination of trendy and comfortable is the best way to go. I’ve managed to pack my 7 day trips into a single carry-on (super impressed that I’ve mastered this). I have friends who check on 50lbs worth of luggage for a weekend getaway…

What the hell are they packing!!? ?

Check out some of my top picks to make life easier for on the go work travelers. PS all items in this post are from Nordstrom – Love to shop there, Enjoy!

Tory Burch & Tumi 

Durable and worth the investment. The totes below are great for holding laptops, chargers, wallets, makeup bags and more (I even carry the little guy Potpot in my tote!)

Kate Spade and Elle Joe

Two great Designers that offer affordable totes (under $200). I like to purchase black because it pretty much goes with everything. Not to mention, the nylon fabric, allows me to clean it with no hassle. This is especially great because being on the go I often have my tote on the ground, underneath my seat on the plane, and constantly carry something heavy/messy so having a durable fabric is key!

Shoes for comfort throughout your travel day:

Pick ones that don’t trigger the TSA scan… TOMS!  I use TSA pre-check so I don’t have to take my shoes off and have learned that certain shoes trigger the body scans. Toms are great because they don’t have metal in the shoe, most high heels do, so I pack my heels and style in some of the options below:


Easy to take off and go through security…and of course comfortable! (Have I mentioned I love being comfortable?)


Heading to a meeting right when you land?  These wedges below are perfect when traveling in the morning and attending meetings in the afternoon.


Business casual traveling… the selection below will each go with a nice pencil skirt or sleek dress.

Hope these suggestions help the next time you are getting ready to travel for a work meeting! Feel free to tag me on Instagram @kalanimcclain to show me how you styled these shoes and tote options.

Don’t forget – COMFORT CHIC is in!

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