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Setting Impactful Intentions

Happy New Year! Have you had the chance to visualize how you want 2018 to turn out?  If so, are you already off to a good start in making that visualization become a reality? Or are you procrastinating/struggling with coming up with this years good intentions? Well ladies, it’s time to get that shit done by the end of January and take steps towards the journey you really want in life.

When you set an intention it’s like declaring to The Universe that you are ready to receive all that you are desiring. New job? Love? Healthier lifestyle? Dream vacation? Children?  Whatever your intention, know that you can HAVE it and create it.

This is how…

Use the “I AM” or “My Intention is to” statement and write it out. Find a post-it and place it in a location you visit everyday (bathroom, computer, car).

  1. I AM READY TO RECEIVE _________________

  2. I AM CREATING _____________________ in my life

  3. MY intention is to create ____________________

  4. My intention is to receive ___________________

Intention setting will get you there and if you missed my blog last year about what Intentions are check it out here!

So how do you make them impactful?

Setting an intention is one thing, but living by it and shifting your energy to match exactly what you want in life is a process and it will take some action on your part.

Check out ways you can start having your intentions come to life by your actions and acknowledging consciousness:

PLACE your intentions somewhere you will see everyday.

  1. Nightstand

  2. Refrigerator

  3. Bathroom mirror

  4. Laptop screen savor

  5. Phone screen savor

MEDITATE and say your intentions in the morning, to start your day.

ACKNOWLEDGE when you notice your intention is at play…write it down and makes notes.

JUMP out of your safety net when your intention is pushing you to move forward. Remember that growth will be uncomfortable, but in order to shift… you have to stretch!

SUPPORT others with their intentions and surround yourself with others that will help you achieve yours.

CONNECT with your truth about the intention. If you know and believe in your truth, you are aligned to achieving the intention.

CELEBRATE when your intention becomes a part of your daily reality…you’ve accomplished to shift, change and chose a new way of living, thinking and believing.

EXPAND your potential with the intention. Once you’ve achieved it, see if there’s an opportunity to go further (and blow your own damn mind).

Embrace the start of a new year with the opportunity to grow, step out of your routine and walk the journey you dream of. Intention will help lead you onto the path you are designed to live.

Don’t forget to be happy in each moment along the way.

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