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Questions I get Asked the Most… Answers here!

I thought it would be fun to share more about myself by answering the questions I get asked the most… so here they are!

Where does the name Kalani come from?

It’s Hawaiian and means “the heavens”. I always like to say that I have pretty big shoes to fill, being named after the heavens. ? I really enjoy having a unique name, people are always pleasantly surprised to hear my name and it strikes a good conversation.  Thanks mom and dad!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

This is such a great question!

I see myself happy, still traveling the world, visiting new places and going back to the ones I love.

I see myself in a healthy relationship. My man being amazing and our connection is filled with travel, food, growth, encouragement and LOVE!

I see my blog and brand touching the lives of others by coaching, helping and encouraging them to become best versions of themselves.

I see myself continuing my passion for business, tech and driving sales with solutions that execute on value.

Potpot will be around happy and healthy, going on 14 years young! ??

You always seem to have so much going on, how do you get it all done without getting burnt out?

I am on the go weekly and I fill my time with endless fun experiences, working sales, side projects, continuous learning, travel, charity and more work that I enjoy!  It would be a lie if I told you burnout doesn’t happen.  I meditate for the mind, stay active physically which helps with my energy levels, make sure I eat breakfast everyday even if it’s a simple fruit cup, and most importantly I listen to my body. It’s my only vehicle to get around so if my body needs more rest… I give it that. If I feel I need to do certain workouts like run outside on the beach or yoga, I listen. I also give myself top action items to do for the day and I accept that I simply can’t get EVERYTHING done in one day (Rome wasn’t build on one day and neither will my empire). 

Why did you go the career route you did?

Looking back, when I was graduating from high school heading into college, the internet was new and email was the latest invention (totally dating myself). I just knew the technology field was going to boom and I wanted to be part of it. For the full story, check out my Forbes article here

Who is one person that inspires you?

There are several people that inspire me, the one that comes to mind is Chelsey Handler. She knows herself and doesn’t hold back, despite sometimes rubbing others the wrong way. She’s passionate about making a difference in this world and equality for all. I can find myself holding back sometimes and saying the “right things.” Chelsey inspires me to be comfortable with some of my non conventional beliefs and has shown me that it’s okay to be a successful, single woman. Life is great as long as YOU are spending your time doing what you love

What is your life motto?

Live your days as though it’s your last.

When I think this way, it helps me stay focused, enjoy life, laugh, take risks, and love!. And if I ever wake up on the wrong side of the bed, reminding myself of this motto, shifts my energy to get out of my funk quickly, life is too short!!

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