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Personal Mantras for Mindset Change and Shift

Creating Mantras…

and saying them on a daily basis will have a significant impact on your belief system and shift your thoughts to a more positive vibration of energy.

So what exactly is a Mantra?

Mantras have been around for over 3000 years. The earliest signs of them came from Vedic Sanskrit by Hindus in India. (Wiki info). They have many forms, the most common being through song, music, words and chanting. Mantras are great to use when meditating, especially if you have a hard time concentrating in silence. The repetition of phrases in thought will be a great support in keeping you focused. 

How can I use them in my daily life?

Set an intention to use mantras throughout your day. Depending on where you are in your life journey, you may need to focus on self-love, work life balance, creating space or letting go.

In the mornings with gratitude, repeat the top 3-5 things that bring you joy and you’re most thankful for.

As you go throughout your day, notice what comes up for you on a consistent basis.

  1. Are you putting certain things off and it continues to come up in your mind to take care of?  

  2. Are you second guessing yourself to share ideas and be confident while at work?

  3. Do you emotionally eat or notice your body giving you signs to take care of you?  

Take notice and write down how you are feeling about your current stage in life and where you’d like to be.

Mantras can be used to help you move through triggers or crazy experiences quicker than just being emotional and reacting. Repeat the mantras until you feel a shift in your energy and calmness sets in.

End your day in gratitude by reflecting on 3 things you found as

  1. a lesson learned

  2. new insight or

  3. simply noticed it’s beauty (like clouds taking shape in the sky).

What kind of phrases should I use?

Make the mantra super personal to you. Creating these mantras are best when you are in a calm and open state of mind (early mornings before you start your day).

I AM ______________________  | this statement is one of the most powerful statements to use when changing your belief system and thoughts.  

I AM WILLING TO ____________ (Let go)



I AM STRONG WHEN I _____________________ (put an action descriptor when you’re working on breaking through old habits or patterns.

I AM CONFIDENT WHEN I __________________

I KNOW ________________

I TRUST MYSELF TO ________________ (what is it that you are looking to create?)

I LET GO OF __________________


How long do I have to WAIT for change to happen with Mantras?

Such a great question, and we all would like to see change quickly and immediate because that is the world we live in.  

The waiting game is really up to you and how long it takes for you to learn and grow and move through the life experiences created in your reality ♥️

Sending good vibes your way as you create and use your Mantras to help transform to the best version of you!

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