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Negotiating Your Salary – Know You’re Worth It

What you get paid now has a lot to do with how you view your own worth and ability to position your value to others. Whether you’ve been working for 20 years or are just getting out of college and looking for your first full-time gig, below are some of the Must Knows when it comes to negotiating your salary.

Know what the position is all about…

CLEARLY understand what you are signing up for. The best way to get an idea of what to expect is do research on the company culture and talk network with people who currently work with the company.  If they’re not very open with you engaging with their culture or interviewing potential counterparts, evaluate if that is the right type of culture for you.

How do your skill set skillz, experience and values apply to the position?

Self Evaluation:

  1. Skillz – Know your strengths and what you need to work on. The interviewer will likely ask you questions around what you’re good at and opportunities for growth/improvement.

  2. Experience – Have a list of projects, meetings, deals closed, partnerships, and relationships that you’ve developed along the way and that has helped you gain experience that suits the role you’re applying to.  Think about how you would tell a story during your interview that gives them a good idea of how you work with others and drive businesses forward.

  3. Values – Based on the company and their goals, how is your value stacked up against theirs?  Can you handle a cut throat environment? Great leadership (both men and women)? Work late hours to get things done?  Whatever the values ask yourself if you can adopt and transition into the culture.

Pick a number that you want to get paid

One of my past work positions, I remember having my boss tell me after I was hired that he would of paid me more (OUCH!lesson learned).  I totally left money on the table because I didn’t pick a number that I absolutely wanted to get paid.  The number that I settled on was based on fear.  Fear that I needed a job and I didn’t want to feel like I was asking too much. SO THIS POINT IS IMPORTANT…

  1. Honestly ask yourself the number that you are worth

  2. Prepare and practice how you are going to position your salary

Ask the company to provide you with what the range is for the position 

Remember there is always a range and it’s up to you to position yourself as to WHY they should not only hire you but pay you on the higher scale.

Be Confident!!!

If you want to make more money, however you struggle with feelings of not being able to obtain more, practice visualizing a paycheck coming to you with the desired amount.  Keep doing this and the it will help program your mind into believing that you are worth it.  Believing you are worth it will lead to making time to obtain new skills, network or spend time on knowing your value to help you receive what you think you deserve. 

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