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Navigating to Find The Work You Enjoy

Having doubts about your current work position?

There’s nothing more gut wrenching than having to give yourself an emotional shot of morphine in the morning in order to get through another work day. I know because I’ve been there. It’s monotonous, the high pitched alarm goes off, hit snooze deliberately until you’re down to 15 minutes to shower, get dressed, brew a cup of coffee and rush out the door. As soon as you carelessly walk through the office doors, your eyes become fixated on the clock, counting down the hours, minutes, seconds, until it strikes 5 o’clock…thus giving you permission to pack up your bags and leave the prison office.

This is your life, WHY?

You’re in this scenario because:

1. You have countless bills to pay.

2. You have a family to take care of

3. You have peer pressure from society to fit into the everyday norm

4. All of the above

Let’s be honest, all these are just excuses pin holding you back from what you are really want to do.

You want to get out, HOW?

It starts with YOU. If you’re spending 8 hours of your day at a job that you have zero passion for, you are committing spiritual suicide. STOP pursuing meaningless work relationships and filling your calendar with “busy work” just to get by.  Don’t do it for another day, another second; make the conscious decision to change.

We spend so much of our time at work so choosing the right position, company and culture is a decision worth living for.. It doesn’t serve you or the company you work for if you hate your job.

Making steps towards creating a career for your life:

1. Start with discovering what excites and interests you. If you don’t know, think of all the dreams, possibilities and create a list of favorite articles, magazines photos, images and blogs you read during your leisure time (or during work because you’re so f*cking bored out of your mind).  Allow yourself not to hold back on anything idea and write it ALL down, even if it sounds crazy and impossible to do WRITE IT DOWN. Don’t worry about the self doubt that may kick in and tell you YOU CAN’T do it, imagine the What If’s and let yourself dream of being in a different role and doing different things during your work day.

2. Once you have a list (whether it’s a list of two or a list of 20) do the research on ALL (not some) but ALL of the job titles and companies associated with your interests.  For example, if you wrote down something crazy like going to Mars, research jobs and companies that are currently exploring that venture of getting to Mars and write down what you think you would like to do that brings you closer to learning more or getting excited about going where no man has gone before.  If you wrote down becoming your own Entrepreneur or CEO, research people who are doing what you think you may want to do.

3. Evaluate your skill sets, strengths and weaknesses.  This may take time to do (so don’t get frustrated with yourself). Quickest way to do this is making three columns titled: My Current Skills Sets: What Comes Natural to Me (Strengths): What are areas of Opportunities (Weakness).  In each column write at least 5 in each to give you an idea of where you are and the gaps you need to fill in order to reach your ideal new career position.   Check out and read Strengths Finders (International Best Seller) to help Navigate where you are.  You may have unhidden talents yet to be discovered and this book will help you find it!

4. Conduct at least 5 informational interviews by reaching out to people with the job titles you’ve listed to get an idea of how they landed that position and what they like or don’t like about what they do. Being able to live the “day in the life of…” will allow you to realize if having that career will really make you happy and if you get excited about the possibilities you will have access to someone who’s already done and it and will give you nuggets of knowledge of how you can too. If you have fear reaching out to strangers or don’t know exactly what to say, watch for my blog in a couple weeks on how to land Information Interviews, and what to say during this type of Interview.

5. Create an action plan that will take you from your boring job to becoming the leader of your own destiny and career. An Example: Your action plan should consist of steps for new skills you may need to learn, with a timeline of when you’ll accomplish new skills. Subscribe to the email list and get a special action plan!

Spending unenjoyable work days can be temporary if you CHOOSE it to be. Light up the navigation within taking baby steps towards an enjoyable work life!

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