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My New Favorite Saving App

Change the Way You Save by Rounding Up

I’m no financial advisor expert and in my twenties, I wasn’t the smartest with how I handled the money I made – I spent it all at one point (not suggested haha). It’s important to note, that saving is a key habit that ties back to your self love and self worth stories and beliefs. Once you realize this, the way you handle your money will drastically change.

You don’t need to make six figures to save, you just need to have the mindset that saving = taking care of YOU and adopting what many successful people have as a belief, I pay myself first.

Now saving is something I had to learn over the years and when I discovered the app, Acorns – it made saving that much easier! Below are the top five things I love most about it!!

1. Set it and forget it.

  1. You get to determine which accounts are tied to the app, I have my one debt card I use for personal stuff and my bills tied to this app.

  2. The App ROUNDS UP your virtual spare change and will invest the money. So for example, you and your tribe went to dinner and you paid $25.75, the app would round up your total to $26.00 and you invest $.25. Watch your change add up quickly. 

2. Easy to set up recurring Investments.

  1. If you want to save more, you have the option to set an amount monthly or even a one-time fee and the app will invest for you.  

  2. I’ve been putting away an extra $100 a month in this account, it’s a small amount as I’m using this app to accomplish a short term goal for an International trip in 2018.

3. Brands like Nordstrom, Apple, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Uber will Invest into your Savings account!

  1. If you’re planning to shop anyway, put money back into your pocket and check out the top named brands that have partnered with Acorns.

  2. Some brands even provide up to $200 into your savings or a percentage of your purchase (some brands have a monthly cap). 

4. Get excited about the potential in what could possibly be saved.

  1. There’s an easy to read Performance section, that shows you the Account Value and Total Gain/Loss. Other apps or financial dashboards can get too confusing (in my opinion), but with Acorns, it shows you the information you want to know while keeping it simple.

5. Learn and grow – the BEST part of the app.

  1. There’s several topics about how to be financially fit. Acorns has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Saving, Investing, Debt and Credit.  They have several easy to read and new habits to adopt for helping you get on the right path to financial success.

And guess what!?!?!? – This is NOT an advertised blog post, I truly enjoy using this app and I’m seeing my wealth increase on a monthly basis!  Download it today and start to save. Use it for a long-term goal or a short term one. Either way rounding up will help you get there faster!

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