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Midyear Self Check – How to Keep Track of Your Goals?

It’s almost July, tomorrow marks the midpoint of the year!

Summer is in full effect, the sun is out and hopefully you have a few (much needed, if you’re anything like me) vacations or staycations planned.

It’s also a good time to reflect on what you’ve been focused on or not focused on to hit your goals or intentions for the year. Landed a new job or closed on a new house? Awesome, congrats! Hit a milestone in your career or lost that lingering winter weight? Way to slay it!!

If you feel like you’re behind this year, take the time to assess and commitment to step up your pace so you can finish the year genuinely happy and proud of yourself!

How to do a Self Check and know if you’re on track to create what you want this year:

1. View your list, vision board or other form of how you visualized your goals or desires.

  1. If you have a list written down, take time to remember which goals you’ve already accomplished and recreate the moment and feeling in your head. Get excited about it then cross it off your list, and if it’s already crossed off recross it off.

  2. If you created a vision board, look at the images that have come to fruition and place a heart image on it to acknowledge the reality of your desire and fill yourself up with gratitude.

  3. If you have a different format for setting goals or intentions, be creative and use your own method for acknowledging what has been created so far this year.

2. Acknowledge of what has been accomplished.

  1. Think about the steps you took in order for you to make it happen.

  2. Reflect on new habits, or new people who’ve come into your life to support you.

3. Be grateful for what is.

  1. Write down 20 things that you are great at.

  2. Write down why you’re grateful for what has come into your life

4. Visit your list/vision board and focus on what has yet to come into your reality.

  1. Envision/meditate the steps you need to move forward to be open for receiving.

  2. Change or modify anything you wish.

5. Get excited(!!!) for what’s in store, think about all the possibilities and be open to how life shows up for you.

Remember creation takes time and there’s a process to it. Reflection is an opportunity to assess your actions and intentions and you have FULL choice it what it is you want it life.

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