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Is Life Really a Balance?

Life is more like a wave.

I had the opportunity over the weekend to spend a lovely couple of days with a dear friend of mine at the Monarch Beach Resort. The views of the beach were absolutely spectacular, not to mention we were only a peaceful, short 10 minute walk away from dipping our toes in the salty water. 

While we were having lunch one afternoon, we talked about the meaning of  “trying to balance” life. From travel to work to writing for the blog to taking care of personal chores… I feel like there is no such thing as balance. The meaning of balance is a condition in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions, I’ve yet to encounter sections of my life being equally proportionate with time and energy. Instead I’ve experienced waves in my life.

Life is not meant to be in balance, it’s meant to flow like waves.

How to live your life in waves (verses balance)?

Waves have the anatomy of three main parts: Crest, Trough, Face. Each one represent the cycle of how the energy flows through the ocean.


This is the top and highest point of a wave. This could be when one sets an intention to try something new/seek opportunities. It could be entering a new life chapter, whether it’s a job, a new home, lifetime travel, marriage or starting a family. It’s a high time in life where things are going well and feel amazing.  You’re on top of the world and your energy levels are high.

How do you live in the crest?

  1. Grateful mindset and thinking: acknowledge all that is good in your life

  2. Stay focused and centered with your energy

  3. Be present in your journey


This is when the wave is at it’s lowest point in the ocean. With highs comes lows, and it’s the space for growth, reflection and transformation.  Feeling down, “unbalanced”, low energy, loss?  Maybe you’re at a point where nothing seems to be going right for you and you simply can’t catch a “break”?  You may be experiencing a low point in your life wave.

How do you live during a Trough time?

  1. Create space for self love and self reflection

  2. Meditation or praying

  3. Eat and stay active to help shift your energy

  4. Give yourself time to move through the trough


This represents the front break of the wave as it gets ready to crash onto the shore greeting sand with it’s presence. In life I like to think of this as the process of letting go, releasing, or setting free. This is where you catch your break in life.

How to you live in the Face of life’s wave?

  1. Embrace it with excitement

  2. Practice, practice, practice letting go

  3. Express yourself with no regrets

“You are not a drop in the ocean, you are the entire ocean in a drop”

– Rumi

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