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Is “Busy” the New Status Symbol of Being Happy?

Do you find yourself saying the following?

  1. I’m so busy with my life right now…

  2. Sorry, I can’t hangout right now I’m busy

  3. Can we plan to do… in a month, I’m busy up until then.

  4. I can’t believe how busy I’ve been.

  5. He says he’s been really busy and that’s why he couldn’t…

  6. The kids are keeping us so busy

  7. I have no time for… I’m so busy.

  8. I’ll look into it when I’m not as busy

With all the hustle and bustle of work, being connected to technology and fostering relationships,  “BEING BUSY” seems to be the new status symbol. The busier you are, the more you give off this illusion that your life is in fact, full of happiness doing one thing after another and going from one place to another.


Are you really happy with all you’ve done so far being busy?

How to assess and know if you’re being busy is indeed fueling your happiness OR if it’s taking you down a path keeping you from happiness?

1. Does the body lie?

If you’re losing or gaining weight in a short amount of time, it may be because you’re putting too much stress on your body because you have too much on your plate. 

2. Emotionally eating?

If your go to it eating fast food, desserts or just aimlessly snacking 24/7 instead of fueling your body with proper nutrition, it may be taxing to your emotional and physical well being.

3. Catch yourself saying “I’ll do it when _______, or when the time is right” or “I can’t do that now because of _______”.

Granted there are some things in life you’re planning for, but if you find yourself continuously putting off a certain action and you know deep down there’s fear behind it, shift your busy time to create space for it. This is a red flag that you’re distracting yourself from what it is you really want to do.

4. Keeping up with everyone else…

That damn comparison voice in your head.  Don’t be your own worst enemy – don’t just stay busy because everyone else is. If you allow someone else to keep you busy because you don’t know what to do with your time, that is another red flag delaying you from happiness and enjoying your time doing what YOU want to do.

5. Do you Pause?

Do you take time to rest or are you consistently on the go-go-go? Whether it’s sleep, staycations, vacation, meditation… skipping pause and reflection time is a deterrent from your inner self telling you something you need to hear and take action.

Having big goals in life, raising a family, going back to school will all take a substantial amount of time and may cause you to be busy, but productivity, focus and prioritizing will help you get there. Let’s all agree to stop glorifying being busy and instead shift our awareness to checking in with ourselves to ensure our happiness is equalized.

Being HAPPY is better than BUSY!

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