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How to Service Others in Little Ways Everyday

Tis the Season to be thankful and reflect on all the blessings that have unfolded upon you this past year. It is also a special time of year where our hearts are open and giving to others and showing kindness feels extraordinary.  

Test your kindness by looking at the list below and seeing if you are already doing these small acts of serving others.

If you not, there may be a few new ideas for you to try (on the daily :))

1. Smile at strangers and acknowledge them

2. Open doors for people with their hands full (moms with kids and elders are a must)

3. Say THANK YOU to people who are serving you (at restaurants, in stores, at the local coffee shop) and call them by their first name, if they have a name tag on

4. Practice courtesy driving habits like letting someone pull in front you (California drivers I’m talking to you!!)

5. When eating at home, take someone’s plate along with yours to clean 

6. Pay it forward by buying someone’s coffee (bonus if it’s their gas tank)

7. Hold the elevator for someone you might suspect is coming so they don’t have to wait

8. Let someone go ahead of you in the grocery line if they have fewer items than you

9. Give a compliment to someone you normally DON’T talk with at work

10. Write a note to someone you love and let them know you care (post-its work)

11. Pick up litter on the street that might be harmful to nature

12. If you’re a dog owner – pick up someone else’s dog ?… as annoying this is, you are serving other dog owners

13. Acknowledge the homeless even if you don’t give them money… bless them

14. Donate time to a local charity or after school program

15. Allow others to pick the NetFlix show of their choice for the day

16. Make dinner for those in need and have it delivered

17. If you’re taking the stairs, let someone else go before you

18. Flip the toilet seat up ladies for your man 🙂

19. Insert coins in someone’s parking meter

20. Donate your old clothes to Salvation Army

21. Put stray shopping carts back where they belong

22. Give encouragement to someone who is working hard

23. Put a positive sticky note on a mirror in a public restroom

24. Babysit a friends kiddos for free so her and her hubby can finally go on that much needed date night

25. Run an errand for someone

So there you have it, continue with the holiday spirit by doing little things that go a long way for others. Feel free to take a picture and post is on your social media and don’t forget to tag me: @kalanimcclain 

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