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How to Make Your Vision Board Become Reality

If you’ve read my two blog posts: Setting Impactful Intentions & How to Vision Board the Life You Want… Then you know how important setting intentions and creating vision boards are to me.

Well ladies, we’re already heading into the second half of January, which means if you’re like me, then you’re intentions have been set and your 2018 vision board has been created, but now what?! You’ve spent time and effort, dreaming and creating the perfect vision board (maybe it has a new city you want to move to, the kind of significant other you want to attract, the spontaneous trips you want to take…heck maybe you even having going skydiving and conquering your fear of heights on there), but how the heck do you make that pretty board become your reality? Let me give you a little fun back story before I share with you all the tips and tricks I have up my sleeve to help you make your intentions and vision board come to life.

Last year on my vision board, I had a photo I found on Google hangouts of a group wearing red aprons and holding pasta they handmade in Italy. Immediately after I saw it, I cut and pasted it to my travel section on my board. Nine months later, I found myself heading to Italy for a vacation with a wonderful group through For the Love of Travel.  On our trip itinerary was a cooking class in Tuscany. Next thing you know,  I am putting on a f*cking red apron and making pasta with the most gorgeous Italian man, Luca, as my teacher … That photo became my REALITY!

The takeaway from my story is… THIS SH*T WORKS! You see, the universe is truly amazing and when we tune into what we want, we can manifest it. I can’t help but tear up when I think back to when it was JUST a thought/vision and then the moment it totally came true. I have several other testimonials of what has come to fruition from my visions boards throughout the years, so take it from me, trust the process.

Okay so now for my tips and tricks to make it work:

1. Keep your board somewhere that you are able to see it multiple times a day, not just once a day. Have it play the role as the constant reminder of what you REALLY want in life.

2. Spend time looking at all the images, words and sayings that you put on your board and check in to see if it continues to resonate with you. Don’t be afraid to add or delete along the way…just like life changes, so can your vision board. Focus on the images/visions that tug at your heart and trigger you to be a bit uncomfortable because it just feels like a dream or so far away.

3. Start to look for the signs you’ve requested and the universe (aka God) will respond. In the back story I told earlier, it was when the CEO of For the Love of Travel said to me “I just launched a tour to Italy and it includes a cooking class in Tuscany.” Ding, ding, ding… the light bulb went off for me.  Continuously be on the lookout for the signs that will lead you to the steps you need to take to bring your wants/desires/visions/dreams into reality.

4. Get the f*ck over your fear. When signs start to show up, don’t back down and use work, your kids, money and/or time as an excuse. Do your best mentally to shift and be ready for what it is you’re asking for and get excited about it!

5. Acknowledge and celebrate when visions are in the works. You wanted a new job and posted it on your vision board. Praise every interview you get and get excited for the opportunities available. My best friend is an actress/comedian and tracks all her auditions, call backs, phone calls of opportunities, as they add up to her next big break.

Now that you have all the tools to make your intentions and vision board for 2018 come to life, MAKE IT HAPPEN…I believe in you!

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