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How to Elevate Gratitude and Express Like Never Before

Happy Thanksgiving week!  

Did this year fly by in the blink of an eye or what!? I can’t believe we only have T-2 days until we celebrate Thanksgiving. This year, I will be taking a hike near the beach while soaking up the beautiful SD weather ☀️? and then relax at home with (the man, the myth, the legend) Potpot and reach out to those I care deeply about, wishing them a wonderful holiday and reminding them of how much I appreciate and am grateful to have them in my life.

Gratitude is one of those things that can create a positive shift in your life. So how do you really take “being thankful” to the next level?

Check out my top 7 ways below to express deep appreciation:

1. Be present when you catch yourself futurizing about life.  

Being a boss lady takes organization, planning, and of course solid execution when making things from your vision board come to life. Take time to get excited about what’s in store, while being mindful of the present and grateful moments of the NOW.

2. Find little things about nature and your surroundings.

I had a friend recently tell me how she noticed how quick I am to point out little things in nature. Be observant and take notice of the sky, how trees are shaped, how quickly (or slowly) water is running, a candle flame… tie it back to being grateful for noticing and simply connecting. It doesn’t need to be a deep profound insight because the frequency of doing this will add up to a shift ?

3. Take a bad situation and find gratitude about that experience.  

Maybe a relationship ended and it’s caused you to have a shitty terrible year, trying desperately to get over “the one”. Taking gratitude to the next level means being able to look at life experiences and discover insight that will assist in leading you to becoming the best version of you. This is NOT an easy task, but don’t let it discourage you, embrace the acknowledgement that God is leading you down the path meant just for you!

4. Connect with those that have had different life experiences from you.

Maybe a different race, religion, sexual preference. It’s so easy to hang with your tribe and there’s plenty of gratitude for the amazing women that are in your life. Finding people different from your everyday life can bring appreciation and realization that we’re all in this together and really connected on a deeper level.

5. Travel, travel, travel and explore

This will bring so much joy and open your heart to the experience of LIFE in itself. You don’t need thousands of dollars to “travel,” start with exploring the town you live in. I’ve still yet to see the potato chip rock in SoCal, and I just visited Joshua Tree for the first time and I didn’t have to book a flight for an amazing time. Your energy craves newness and loves to be stimulated, so putting yourself in new environments will create momentum.

6. Give back and love doing it.  

Maybe you’re in a position to provide your time to a nonprofit, but instead of doing it, you’ve just been stuck “thinking” about it. Stop whatever you are doing and sign up to give back. Or better yet, start your own movement to make a difference and inspire others. When you help others, it will not only make you feel good inside, but it will also raise your personal vibration and create that positive shift you have been seeking. 

7. Watch the sunrise and sunset on the daily.

Wherever you are in the world, watching the Sun come and go is magical. Be amazed that you are graced by the sun’s beauty and it’s there for you and for FREE. It truly creates the best moments, when you take time to find gratitude towards the sun and the light it brings because it’s a direct reflection of the light that shines in you.

I’m thankful that you’ve stopped by today and appreciate the continued support in my inspirational blogging. Enjoy your holiday taking in all the blessings you’ve created in your life!

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