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How to Collaborate Successfully in the Workplace

There is no “I” in team and it takes a team to really drive change, movements and culture shifts in the work environment. So how do you create success when it can be hard to collaborate with others at work?

Do you find yourself…

  1. Feeling frustrated trying to gain agreement  with others

  2. Feeling unproductive during the workday

  3. In meetings that last an hour when they should only take 5 minutes?

  4. Not listening to others and daydreaming instead because you feel like you time is being wasted?

  5. Leaving meetings not knowing what to do next?

  6. Having meetings without decision makers involved and thus delaying important decisions being made?

and the list goes on…

If you’re saying yes to some or ALL of these, adopt the KEY habits listed below in order to create success in collaboration and finding immediate results!

Your time is valuable, lead with organization in your daily life.

  1. Block out time to get your priorities done

  2. Create certain days and time just dedicated to collaboration

  3. Know when to set boundaries and or pull in the right resources

Listen to ALL coworkers (even if they drive you insane)…

Everyone has “some” value to offer, give them a chance to see if their strengths presents itself. Use the following listening framework to understand where others are coming from:

  1. What are they focused on?

  2. Are they being customer centric?

  3. Trying to solve a problem internally?

  4. What new Insights? Playing devils advocate?

  5. What solutions are being presented and how does it impact the situation?

  6. Has everyone had a chance to share their thoughts?

  7. Is there anything else we need to share and discuss?

Come with a clear agenda to tackle and stick to it.

If you’re setting up the meeting, include topics of discussion and outcomes requested for the meeting. It might be a good idea to prep ahead, so the time spent is valued.

Don’t have important meetings without decision makers and manage up if you have to.

If important meetings are scheduled that involve business impacting decisions, make sure key team players  shows up to make meetings most productive. Often times when meetings happen without them, confusion or wasted time can often take place. Do not have the meeting if the right people aren’t in the room, reschedule and use your valuable time towards something else productive. 

Walk away with next steps and take initiative to recap on the meeting.

Delegate someone to be the note taker or you volunteer. Leave 2-5 minutes to recap what was discussed and then follow up with an email listing out the key takeaways from the collaboration. Include timelines and roles/responsibility to ensure the team knows exactly what’s next in order to be productive.

Develop relationships and break for coffee 🙂

Take time to get to know the people you work with genuinely. This will go a long way and hopefully you’re lucky enough to develop a great working relationship!

Best solutions come from teams working together, and great collaboration leads to a business that thrives with happy customers. Be the person that is the “glue” bringing the brightest minds together to come up with wonderful ideas, and solve some of the toughest problems at work. Celebrate the accomplishments achieved when collaboration is successful!

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