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Halloween Meditation


It’s one of my favorite holidays and I’m excited to be Gamora this year!! 

I thought it would be fun to go through a special Halloween meditation to bring in good energy as the sun sets and trick or treaters start to knock on your door or before you take your own little ones out and about. This quick, yet powerful meditation will center you for all the Halloween fun and spooky good vibes coming your way.

All you need is 3-5 minutes…you ready?! 

  1. Find a quiet spot in your home, comfortable and away from the family… even if it has to be the bathroom or closet.

  2. Light a candle and if you have a Jack O lantern you can light it up as an option. Set an intention of what you would like your meditation to serve.

  3. Sit quietly and begin to take deep breaths filling up the stomach, lungs and chest. Nice big Inhales | Exhales.

  4. Close your eyes and allow yourself to calm the mind for 1 minute. Listen to the flickering sound of the light.

  5. Think of your favorite Halloween costume as a child. Was it a princess or your favorite singer, mermaid or a cartoon character?

  6. Imagine you as that Halloween character coming to life today to help with your intention. Is it to push through a fear or becoming centered or extending gratitude? Whatever your intention, ask the following:

  7. How can you help me with my intention today?

  8. Will you show me the step(s) I need to take?

  9. What strengths will you provide me in order to make those steps?

  10. Visualize yourself taking those steps or actions

  11. Visualize yourself hugging your younger self who showed up for you on this Halloween day. Give her some love and thank her for being there for you.

  12. Send love to one other person who you think needs it.

  13. Slowly end with 5 deep inhales | exhales, open your eyes.

  14. Raise arms to the sky, then bring hands to heart center.

Namaste ??

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