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Four Ways to Embrace the Power of Practice

Do you know how to embrace the power of practice?

You’ve heard of …

  1. “Practice makes perfect”

  2. “Practice, practice, practice”

  3. “You play the way you practice”

  4. “Without self-discipline success is impossible, period.”

Why is it that some people are really good at practicing and others just fail at it? Practice is ACTION, it’s what allows one to make progress, learn, gain insights to grow and get even better. 

Most people get stuck not because they don’t have enough money (excuse), not because they don’t have enough time (excuse), not because they don’t know the right people or resources in order to succeed (excuse)… the list can go on and on as to WHY someone makes up why they can’t practice or move forward.

If you struggle with practicing something you’ve been telling yourself you’d like to get better at, this blog is for you. I will lay out the key elements as to how to embrace the power of practice in order to help you move forward and make strides in your dreams and goals in life.


On the goals you’ve set to either finish out the year. If you’re not sure how to overcome the thoughts that keep derailing or blocking you, that link will take you to a great read to help you get your ass in gear!  You have to keep it realistic otherwise you will NOT have the energy to make it happen. Example: losing 10 pounds in a week (unrealistic) verses focusing on wanting to make healthy choices and working out more (realistic)


You need to put in practice in order to get good great. If it’s something new, start with small practice action steps. Three times a day, week or month is a good start: Whether it’s a new language, money management, starting your day the with great habits, or even communicating better at work or with loved ones.

  1. I will practice 3 Italian words a day or I will have a conversation once a week with some who speaks fluent Spanish to help me practice my skills.

  2. I will set my monthly budget at the beginning of each month and check it 3 times a month to make sure I’m on track.

  3. I will meditate and think of 3 grateful things before I get out of bed to start my day positively.

  4. I will say I love you to my spouse every time I leave the house and make eye contact while I say it.  


This step is the KEY element to shifting your mind and inner light to guide you to overcome some shit.  

  1. Maybe you’re in sales and cold calling scares the bejesus out of you, but your paycheck looks grimme on the commissions and the only way to increase your wealth and commissions is to make those cold calls. Maybe you can create 3 scripts to use and interchange (prepare beforehand) to help you succeed and get the meetings you need.

  2. Losing weight is always a big one and companies sell sell sell the dream of having the “ideal” body you want in X days, but putting the power of practice together is about making sure you’re doing it right. Doing it right doesn’t aways mean instant results, maybe you need to start with just walking 10 minutes 3X a week and cutting out sweets. Create ONLY actions you feel in your heart you want to do and will stick to.

  3. Wanting to start your own venture and break out on your own – maybe you start with small steps PT on the weekends. Or maybe you reach out to 3 people you need to set up informational interviews with and learn more, or dedicate 3 weekends in a row to knock out the product you want to build. Network your way to finding a co-founder for your idea.


And set the bar a bit higher next time, you have it deep down in you. If you can dream it and clearly visualize it, you can do it. Embracing practice entails you adopting the mindset you’re ready to work at it and know that progress and time will get you there. If you’re still thinking you can get rich quick, find love in 30 days, or lose all your weight in 24 hours, you’re holding yourself back to really practicing what it is you most desire.

  1. Richard Branson didn’t build his empire in a day.

  2. Michael Jordan didn’t step foot on a basketball court the first time and declared MVP.

  3. The New England Patriots team doesn’t sit on their asses and decide to show up for Super Bowl to win another…and cheerleaders for sure don’t show up on Sunday’s heading to the sidelines without practicing (intensely might I add).

  4. Actors don’t just show up on set without knowing their lines thinking they’ll be able to knock it out in one take.

  5. A blogger doesn’t write their first blog thinking she should instantly have a million followers 🙂

So don’t beat yourself up if you’re not good at something first or it takes a while for you to get it.  I wasn’t the best sales person at first, or best cheerleader, or best presenter my first shot. It’s takes time and energy to get good at what you want. Each week I have been embracing the power of practice with blogging and the best part is I keep raising the bar for myself. 

“The expert in anything was once a beginner,” – unknown

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