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For the Love of Travel – For the Love of Nature

First of all, if you love to travel you have to check out Isla Holbox! It’s two hours North of Cancun plus a quick ferry ride to the island.

Clear blue ocean, the best ceviche and margaritas, dirt roads, and local essence all throughout the village.

I booked through this amazing travel company called For the Love of TravelTheir focus is creating experiences for solo travelers who are business professionals in their late twenties/thirties. This trip was curated with a well known yoga/reiki Expert from L.A. Kelsey Patel for wellness and yoga. (right up my ally). 

I took a real vacation last week and it was awesome. I’m always so “connected” to work, my phone, laptop, the next step… hustle, hustle, grind, grind, to accomplish my goals. This trip provided awareness on my own growth related to feeling supported. It’s no secret I can be controlling, demanding, intimidating  (but in a nice way ?). However it’s because I have this recurring belief that I am not supported and I HAVE to do everything on my own to not be disappointed about outcomes. While I’ve made strides in the last couple years, a huge shift happened on this trip…

During our first couple yoga sessions, I was mentally battling with trying to stay focused when ants, rocks and sand were coming onto my mat. I’d close my eyes and internally panic anticipating that some bug was going to bite me or crawl onto my body. What the f*ck heck did I get myself into? Where’s the wood floors for my practice? Oh how the Universe loves to show up and teach lessons.  

Then I was kayaking in the middle of the night to see the bioluminescence and all I could think about was how a shark was going to tip over the kayak and eat me. Or we would drift away into the ocean or some other crazy catastrophic event would happen and I would die! Amy – thank you for being my partner through the whole experience… I would of tossed me out of that damn kayak hahahaha!

The awareness I gained was experiencing nature as my support/safety net and not fear it (let the light bulb turn on… Ah ha!).  I was completely safe on my yoga mat and in the kayak and once I let the fear go, I saw the magic in the ocean as it lite up at night like fireworks in the water. My last couple yoga sessions, I was truly at peace practicing while ants showed up. The ironic part was they didn’t come on my mat as much as they did prior once I accepted their support.

I was able to shift my mindset and see through a new lense of how nature is truly reassuring. 

We have no control in our lives, only choices.  Choices have outcomes we may or may not envision. 

How can you become receptive with nature’s gifts while in the daily grind?

Five quick ways to tap into nature’s love:

1. Say hello to the Sun every morning. Look up in the sky and feel the warmth (imagine it giving you a nice hug)

2. Listen to the birds (hummingbirds are always a special sign for good fortune)

3. Hustling in the city? Pull out Instagram and scroll through of the most amazing pictures of nature… that will have the same effect of seeing it live, because you’re visualizing and feeling.

4. While looking at the moon and stars at night, take a couple inhales | exhales to acknowledge. We live in a vast Universe… how grateful we are to live on this planet? (it’s a nice ego check too)

Supported Affirmation – I am supported by nature and all it’s love.

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