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Five Thoughts to Quit Thinking About NOW

So many thoughts run through our minds every hour of everyday. Researchers estimate anywhere between 60,000 – 80,000 thoughts take place a day. If you break it down hourly, anywhere between 2500 – 3,300 thoughts are being processing through your mind.  

That’s a ton of work and energy for your mind.  Do you pay attention to your thoughts?

  1. The repetitive thoughts?

  2. New thoughts?

  3. Reminders?

  4. Self sabotaging thoughts?

With all the thousand of thoughts going through your head, there’s FIVE thoughts that you can STOP thinking about now because they’re a waste of time and will never serve you.  Self sabotaging thoughts hold you back from moving forward, taking chances, and thinking about ALL the possibilities.

Thought ONE:

“I don’t know how to ___________”.

When you were a baby learning how to walk, did you turn to your mom and say “I don’t know how to walk?”  No! Same went for reading and learning how to spell your name.  Change your mindset to: “I get the opportunity to learn something new” or “I get the opportunity to solve a problem.”

Thought TWO:

“I don’t have time to ___________.”

Everyone has the same amount of time, the only difference is how we use our time. Instead of beating yourself up saying I don’t have the time, change your thought to “I will start with _____ amount of time to start to focus on ____________.”

Thought THREE:

“It will never happen_________.”

Feeling defeated, rejected, hopeless? This thought is limiting you to getting what you want out of life – you have the mental choice to shift. Work through what exactly will never happen? Whether it’s getting over someone, finding the dream career or home you want to buy. Take notice of this particular thought that’s setting you back.  

When you encounter thoughts of your life never taking fruition of the visions, or plans you anticipate, replace this thought with “My life attracts abundance in __________ (whatever it is you have the limiting belief about).” At first this may feel fake or impossible, but the awareness will help you shift the mindset and take action towards the change.

Thought FOUR:

“I’m going to FAIL ____________.”

Failing can be scary, embarrassing, or even frustrating if you let it.  Adopt thoughts where failing is a learning process, failing is gaining experience to help you succeed. It’s okay to fail, all successful people have failed over and over and over again. It’s a part of life to embrace and learn from when you fail.

Thought FIVE:

“I’m not good enough”

Simply… You have all the skills, talents, energy, time and light in you to do what it is you truly desire. You just have to believe in YOU and your own ability.  

With all the thoughts that go through your mind on the daily, these five you can delete and replace with self loving and unlimiting beliefs that will fill you up and create the steps towards some amazing experiences!

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