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Five Habits to Start Your Day

I remember the early days when my parents would yell and scream to get me up and out of bed for school (please say I wasn’t the only one?!). I hated getting up and honestly it’s still not my favorite thing to do (I have an amazing Tempurpedic that I could live on forever, it’s so comfortable). I’ve had to shift over the years and change to being an early riser. There’s just so much to do and time is the most important currency… sleeping in is like pissing away opportunities.

So how you adopt positive ways to start the day?  Even if you get up feeling BLAH…

Several interviews and studies on successful people all have a common theme.  They all know how to start the day with creating habits that work for them. There are so many ways to set your mental mindset and energy to how you want to experience the day.  

My personal favorite habits to start a happy day:

1. Start with the night before (Preparation)

If you can dedicate time the night before to envision what you need to do and prepare, when the morning comes you will be feeling like a rockstar.  I like to:

  1. View my calendar and see what’s on the horizon for the next day

  2. Set out my nutritional pills I need to take in the morning

  3. Schedule and book ahead of time my morning exercise classes (download apps and make the commitment)

2. Rise and shine the same time everyday (Yes, even on the weekends)

The body will become it’s own alarm clock and will let you know when it’s time to get up. I sometimes have get up super early for morning flights and I mentally tell myself when I need to get up (set an alarm for backup).

As for weekends – I like to get up around the same time. Once in awhile I’ll sleep in or spend a few more minutes to rise slowly.  It’s good to switch it up and create space and not always be on the go-go-go.

3. 1 minute meditation when you first wake up

Yes, that’s all it takes. Lay in bed and think about what you’re grateful for. If you sleep in bed with your significant other, roll over and send them morning loving energy.  5-10 minutes to spare? Spend more time doing this habit in the am. Check out our how to 1 minute meditate here.

4. Must.Eat.Breakfast

I was notorious for not eating in the morning, I wouldn’t get a meal in until 11 or noon.  Now I make it a point to eat SOMETHING… fruit, eggs (boil them the night before if you don’t have time to cook) or breakfast bar and of course coffee (or tea).

5. Take One action to work towards one of your important goals

Make the time in the morning to tackle or work towards your goals.  It could be as simple as a quick email you should send out to working out or spending extra time with your loved ones (including furbabies). Creating this habit daily is a key step to getting you what you want in life and shifting your mental state to being focused on what it IS you spend time and energy on. The night before you can even prepare yourself for what the one “thing” needs to be and create the time to get in done. This action will make you feel happy the entire rest of the day verses saying to yourself I should of did X, Y, or Z… You did… slayed it, on to the next 🙂

There are so many other great habits out there and the best part of it is YOU get to create how you want to rise and shine.  So test other tips out and create a few key habits for yourself and you will SEE the change in becoming a happy morning person ready to take on the day.

“Breathe. Let go. And remind yourself that this very moment is the only one you know you have for sure.”

– Oprah

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