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Feeling Stuck? Eight Ways to Get You Moving in the Direction You Want

You just had dinner with your best girlfriends… one got engaged, one is moving to a new city for a new job, one just got back from an amazing travel experience and then there is you. Same morning routine, same drive to work (with crazy traffic), same job position for the last 5 years (or maybe it’s only been 2 years, but it feels like forever), same meals week in and week out, you may even be in a relationship where every weekend with him is the SAME… and all this sameness makes you feel stuck.

When life presents this “feeling” of stagnation, it is often times followed by an urge to “do something.” Sometimes though, you don’t know what exactly you need and/or should do. Well, guess what!? That’s where I come in. The following actions will help you get started in shifting and changing your energy to a high, vibrant, exciting different  you! 

Actions to START DOING when you feel stuck: 

1. Clean and make space

  1. Pick a room in your home to start with, it may be your closet or even just the space underneath your bathroom sink. Sell, give away or throw away stuff you haven’t used in the last year.

  2. Tidying up  and making space will allow you to start feeling like you’re doing something that is moving you in the right direction. There’s something to be said about keeping your home space open, clean and clutter-free, you basically send a signal to the universe stating you love and respect the abundance you’ve created thus far. 

2. Try a new form of exercise (step out of your comfort zone)

  1. If you’re going to the same gym, yoga studio, or running the same path… switch that shit it up and try a new spot outside/workout/way to sweat it out. 

  2. Register for a 5K for the first time (even if you don’t like to run), or is there a new trendy cycle studio nearby to check… do it! Moving the body in a different way releases energy and creates an extra boost to eliminate any feelings of sluggishness.

  3. Do the Yoga challenge this month if all you’re doing is taking a class here or there, move yourself to try a new teacher or different version of yoga.  If there’s been a classes in the back of your head you’ve been telling yourself you want to try… Sign up now!

3. Go to a new part of your city

  1. You may have your “favorite” coffee spot or the lunch place that you LOVE so much (I get it, I do too). Mix it up and try taking the train or drive over to a different  fun part of your city to explore. If you have fear going by yourself, ask a friend or make it a next date option for you and your man.

  2. If you have NO clue where the fun trendy places are, check out events on Facebook, this is a great way to see what’s going on and determine what new adventure you want to sign up for.

4. Buy new sheets

  1. Nothing feels better than laying on brand new sheets. We sleep a good amount of a day away and having new sheets to dream in will help you DREAM up your next goal or help you work through problems that have been getting in the way of your sunshine hours. 

5. Emotionally work through the fear by writing, asking for support, love your music 

  1. Being stuck can trigger emotional feelings and shit stuff you need to work through. Listen to your favorite motivational song (repeat) and write/answer the following questions to help you transform being unstuck:

  2. What am I doing in my daily routine that is making me feeling stuck?

  3. Is there anyone currently in my life holding me back and feeling stuck?

  4. What are my current distractions?

  5. What are the actions that I will take to move forward?

  6. Who are the people I know that will support me in becoming unstuck?

6. Meet New people

  1. Making new friends will energize you to learn something new about yourself and others

  2. Meet them at work, community events, online (just be safe), charity events, or workout classes.

7. Eat new foods (healthy ones)

  1. Try/eat new food that will help be the fuel for becoming unstuck!

  2. Try out the latest seasonal vegetables (it’s all about how you season them). 

  3. Pinterest is your best friend when looking for new recipes to try. 

8. Read, and find inspiration ALL around you

  1. Check out some of my book reviews – there’s quite a few books that will help motivate you and guide you along your way

  2. Make it point to find little inspirations daily… have a running gratitude list and remind yourself of everything you are truly grateful for!

Start with doing 1 or 2 of the suggested above and add couple more each week and push yourself. So next time you talk with your lady tribe you’ll have something awesome to share and it won’t be the “same ol” update from you. ?

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