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Daily Habits to Develop a Stronger Mindset and Reduce Stress

From the time you wake up your brain fires up and races off thousands of thoughts every second like…

  1. What do I need to get done today?

  2. Should I wear white jeans even though it’s after Labor Day? 

  3. Do I need a second third cup of coffee?

  4. Is traffic bad.. will I be late to work?

  5. Should I order Doordash for dinner or make that chicken I defrosted?

  6. Do I have time to take that yoga class right after my last meeting?  

  7. I hope that cute guy texts me today!

It’s incredible how the mind goes from 0 to light years as soon as you open your eyes.

If you don’t train your mind (keep in MIND you have control) stress and negative thoughts can takes over and the physical body will become affected. Strengthening your mind in what it thinks and focuses on is something all successful people do well and continue to work on.

Daily Mindset Exercise


  1. When you wake up, acknowledge the first 5 thoughts that go through your head. Let them flow and take note of what the first moments of being awake bring you. Do they bring you feelings of:

  2. Anxiety?

  3. Excitement?

  4. Stress?

  5. Happiness?

  6. Honor your breakfast with a blessing (if you already do this great). If this is something new to you, take time to appreciate the food to nurture your body and the people who helped prepare it for you. DO NOT SKIP BREAKFAST!  Even if it’s a simple meal, put something in your tummy!

  7. Connect with nature on your way to work, look at the sun coming up, listen to the birds chirping, smell the morning air, watch the clouds in the sky, smile at the trees near you. Wherever you are, nature is nearby and linked within you.

  8. Drink water!


  1. Prior to all important or potentially stressful meetings or conversations during your workday, embrace and practice your power of breath to Inhale| Exhale

  2. Give yourself 30 seconds to take 5 long Inhales (counting 5 – 4- 3- 2 -1 slowly) then Exhale with the same counting cadence

  3. Do this at least 3 times a day throughout the day

  4. Honor your lunchtime and put away your phone. Have lunch with your coworkers or take a client out to connect with. If you have to have a quick 5 or 10 minute lunch break, eat slow and eat in silence. Notice your thoughts as you eat, try not to hurry, instead enjoy your food.

  5. Move around. If you’re at a desk for most of your day, make it a point to get some steps in. This will help move energy and your brain. Sitting down too long will fog up your thought process and will make it become harder to focus and think clearly.

  6. Drink more water!


  1. Wind down your day by reflecting 4 positive things you accomplished or enjoyed. Write them in your journal or simply reflect them in your mind.

  2. Prepare for the next day. Think of your top 5 priorities that will move you forward towards your goals. Write them down in order (post it note, notepad or your phone are all great options)

  3. Drink even more water!

Having awareness will strengthen your ability to exercise your mind to do more, think about things you want to think about and resolve conflict and difficult problems quicker.

If your mind is strong, all difficult things will become easy; if your mind is weak, all easy things will become difficult.”  

– Chinese proverbs

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