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Creating Space for the Dream (Part 2)

Welcome to tidying up part dos! Good news is… I’ve managed to keep my closet clean and putting things back in their new spots. No extra clothes lying on the floor, hangers facing the wrong way, shirts placed in dresses section… I give myself a high kick.

Here is a quick breakdown of the remaining tidying up that I did around the house this week:


I love books and tend to buy them with the intention that I will “one day” read them. Well… I finally got rid of the ones I have yet to touch and although it was challenging to part ways I thought to myself, someone else could benefit from reading it versus the damn book collecting layers on layers of dust and filling up space on my shelves. I was emotional about some of the books, but I made a promise to myself… if I really want to read it I’ll buy it again and make sure I create time to enjoy it.


Boy was this a disaster cluster fuck in itself. I had taxes from the 1990’s and early 2000’s, old bank statements, service records for cars I no longer have, and  shoeboxes of receipts (I admit I WAS a bit of a hoarder when it came to receipts)... none of this old stuff needs to be in my home anymore. Why the heck was I holding on to this shit?! Buh bye!

Home Decor and Movies

I will say I kept a dozen of my all time favorite movies: Finding Nemo, Bride Wars (don’t judge… I’m a huge “blue hair” Kate Hudson fan), and Pursuit of Happiness. The rest  went on to DVD heaven or since I donated them, maybe they will become someone’s DVD treasure (like that phrase: one man’s trash is another man’s treasure – so true!). As for my home decor, old candle holders, pillows, picture frames with no pictures in them, were all tossed.

Photos and Sentimentals

I kept most of the old photos and organized them by the different time periods in my life. If we’re being honest, I must admit that I went down memory lane for about 30 minutes appreciating all that has happened in my life so far. Although I don’t believe in living in the past because it’s a waste of present time, I do like to occasionally spend some time appreciating the journey that I have been on and reflecting on all that is good.

So how do I feel after tidying up my home life?  ….. I feel AMAZING!  After my first blog post I hope I’ve encourage you to pick up the book.  The challenge is taking action in your home to create space so you too will be open to what your dreams have in store for you. If I can do it so can you, however it’s not an easy 3 hour project and will take time to tidy up… but it does go by fast and the feeling afterwards is incredible. 

love walking in after a week’s worth of travel to a home that feels more open and flowy.  No more clutter on the book shelves or odd places where I stuck a candle holder (like on top of the fridge or next to the stove- WTF??). It’s more in order and the exciting part is now that it’s completed I’ve created space for the new… bring it!

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