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Coffee Chat with Inspirational Women: Featuring Krista & Lindsey

Welcome to a new post in my lovely series called “Coffee Chat.” This series is focused on inspirational women who love their jobs and want to inspire other women to find their passions and transform their lives. Today’s coffee chat features not one, but TWO babes, Krista & Lindsey from the Almost 30 Podcast. A must hear podcast that covers real talks on health, wellness, spirituality, entrepreneurship, sexuality, humor and so much more! Keep reading to learn all about these amazingly witty, spunky ladies.

1. Where do you live and what is one random fact about you to break the ice with our readers?

Krista: I live in Venice, California just a block from the beach. It seems glamorous but Venice is full of characters and I have had my fair share of encounters with some Venice crazies. A random fact, hmmm, I would say that I own a tour business running tours in Morocco, LOL. I started it two years ago when I traveled there, and book a few tours a month with guides that live in Morocco. Super random, but I am ALL about the side hustle.

Lindsey:    I live on the west side of LA! Fun fact: I have an addiction to hearts of Palm in a can 🙂 In college, I was all about convenience (and in between weekend tailgates, was trying my best to be healthy). Hearts of palm come in a convenient can and proved to be the perfect easy snack on the go!  This perfect food FOUND ME!!!

2. What is the first thing you like to do before you start your day?

Krista:     I am a huge fan of the morning ritual! It’s my time where I can just slowly start the day. I always start with gratitude. I know it’s cliché, but it’s true, I have a lot to be thankful for (and you do too!) so I’ll put my hand over my heart, and say thanks. Then I’ll scrape my tongue, do oil pulling for a clean mouth and white teeth, and brew some tea. These are practices that I learned from one of our podcast guests, Sahara Rose, and have been a really great ritual for my morning. After that I’ll meditate, journal, then I’m off to workout. I only workout in the morning, it’s when I have no excuses, and I just plan my workout the night before so I have no excuses.

Lindsey:     I like to go outside. I have a small balcony off of my living room. So I’ll usually go out there, take some deep breaths, stretch, and pretend that I can talk to birds. This is my time to get quiet. To observe the thoughts that won’t serve me, let them go, and make room for a clear vision for my day.  I listen for every sound–the birds, the leaves on the trees, the cars in the distance, the squirrels… name it, it takes my mind somewhere else, which is usually where I find some creative inspiration.  And I am closest to my soul’s purpose when I am creating freely, without judgement, without worry whether it will be good enough or liked.  Outside, away from the “likes” and the “comments”, I am more myself.

3. What inspired you to go choose your career path as a podcaster? Is there a childhood memory that made you decide?

Krista:     It’s hard to explain my career path, but as a podcaster I feel like it’s the absolute perfect fit for me. I have always been naturally curious, interested in others, outgoing and an ‘interviewer’. I’ve always said that my dream job would be to interview people, because then I could be learning all the time. I feel most at ease and comfortable when I am asking others about themselves, rather than talking about me. It’s been the most fulfilling job I’ve ever had, and I am so thankful for the joy that it’s brought me.

Lindsey:     I’ve always known that I wanted to perform for a living. At 4 years old you could find me on the hearth of our fireplace singing into wooden spoons or directing my little sisters in shows. I’ve learned not to make a plan.

4. What was your very first step to get you where you are today as an entrepreneur?

Krista:     The first step for me is always just doing it. I think that a lot of people use a lot of excuses to procrastinate and put off what they really want to do. I am a ‘do-er’ who asks questions later, and figures out what I need to do later on. I’ve always been that way. People will create business plans, or strategies, and they’ll be perfectionists, but you have to just do.

Lindsey:     When I was in 8th grade, I told our Theatre director that I was going to audition for Wendy in “Peter Pan“.  He suggested that I audition for Peter.  You should have seen my face.  Uh, NO THANK YOU.  I’ll pass on playing a boy.  While I knew Peter was always played by a female on stage, I had my heart set on playing Wendy.  He asked me to give it a try and I call him every year to this day to thank him for pushing me to audition for Peter.  I auditioned with about a dozen or so high schooler’s and landed the part.  I agreed to cut my hair for the role (we were going to be professionally flown, so wigs were a liability).  I think the most challenging part was the ridicule from my peers–a boy haircut, a starring role…they took their pick and they ran with the rumors.  But despite the noise, I gave myself over to the process.  I gave myself little time to think about the reasons why I couldn’t or shouldn’t do this.  I completely fell in love with “the work” during Peter Pan.  My work ethic has been rock solid from that moment on.

5. What was your big challenge you had to overcome to help you move forward with growing your podcast?

Krista:     I think there’s an ebb and flow to the challenges in my life. I’ve struggled with depression and anxiety, and have an interesting relationship with my body and food. Everything that I have come across in my life, whether it’s a mental thing, or a physical thing, has allowed me to be more fully human who is able to connect in more interviews and with more people.

Lindsey:     I think the biggest challenge and reward (once I leaned into it) is that my path is super unpredictable. I am constantly checking in and making sure that I am in the present moment. If my mind wanders too far ahead or behind, it can stir up a lot of anxiety, which in my experience, has opened the doors for some chaos to pour in.

6. What are three habits you would recommend to someone pursuing their dream career as an entrepreneur?


  1. Start meditating: It’s been the biggest game changer in my life. It allows me to do more, be more present, and completely removed anxiety from my life.

  2. Prioritize your health: Eating well, sleeping, and working out WILL help you succeed. Some people think it takes time away from your hustle, but it helps you be a better version of you for your dream career. Plus it gives you longevity.

  3. Trust that this was made for you: Truly, there will be days when you doubt, but you need to always go back to the fact that you were pulled to do your dream career, and you need to trust your intuition that although it may not be perfect, it’s made for you.


  1. Be consistent: Do something for your dream career every single day.

  2. Be flexible: It won’t go as planned. So bend in the direction the path wants to take and see if it turns out better than you could ever imagine.

  3. Ask for help: Once you start talking about your dream career to others and asking for help/advice/connections, you will notice that it will attract more and more energy to help you move forward. Someone, if not many, many people, have been where you are right now. They will see themselves in you and most likely want to help you

7. How would you describe your support network? Who is in it?

Krista:     Ah, my people 🙂 Justin my boyfriend is my biggest support in life. Just being around someone that you feel like you can be yourself, and you can always laugh is everything. I cherish our time together because it’s so easy and free of judgment. Also my sister. There’s nothing like a sister. You can say ANYTHING because they really know you and know the real you. Plus, they always have to be there, because you’re blood. Lindsey is also my biggest support through Almost 30 and in life, we’ve created something amazing largely due to her willingness to always be there. (I feel like I am giving an award acceptance speech lol). Last, #Almost30Nation, I mean the babes that listen to our podcast are actually the coolest humans alive. I’m always blown away at how smart and open they are.

Lindsey:     My family is so supportive. They always have been. Krista encourages and inspires me on the daily. We keep each other accountable. I have other actor friends who I collaborate with on a weekly basis. We make creative dates–whether we are writing, recording, shooting a sketch…we vow to create whenever we are together! I have a handful of amazing mentors that I have been lucky enough to attract into my life. I started asking the universe for help and guidance in specific ways and these special humans showed up. I am always going to them for advice about the tough stuff, for ideas and collaborative brainstorming sessions.

8. What’s one skill you are currently working on to be an effective leader?

Krista:     To me an effective leader is the person that you can always count on to be consistent, patient, kind, and even in their manner and mood. I have had some bad managers, and I have had some good ones, but the ones that have been good, have always held a positive attitude, and held themselves to a higher standard than everyone else. They don’t talk shit, they don’t wallow, and they’re always solution oriented. With Almost 30, and our producer, Chloe, or with our audience, I always try to come from a place of patience, and understanding. Remembering that what matters to me, may not matter to everyone else, and approaching people with kindness is the only way to go.

Lindsey:     Standing in my light and trusting that my experience thus far is enough to lead and inspire others. Also owning the moments when I am really learning, allowing people to see me learn is an effective way to lead as well.

9. To balance out your work life, what’s your fitness and health regime?

Krista:     This is so key. I have said before that I am able to get done, what I need to get done in a day, because I eat well and workout regularly. Working out and eating well gives me energy, clarity, and absolutely allows me be the best version of myself. I am plant based, have been for 3 years, and do a mix of workouts that I find on ClassPass. Yoga is always on my schedule, along with a HIIT workout once a week, and then Lindsey’s SoulCycle class when I can get in!

Lindsey:     I teach about 12 SoulCycle classes per week. On top of that I love to balance with hot yoga, pilates, boxing, and hiking. It has been extremely important that as I get busier, I listen more closely to my body. It will knock me on my butt if I don’t. Making sure that I get 8 hours of sleep every night, drink enough water, stretch every day, meditate as much as I can, and eat a plant-based diet 85% of the time keeps me happy, healthy, and clear.

10. What is one book that helped you on your career journey that you would recommend?

Krista: I really loved Elizabeth Gilberts Big Magic for a career recommendation. I love the concept that our creativity does not need to be our full time job, and that we don’t need to put pressure on it to be everything for us. There was a time when I quit my job to pursue blogging full time, and I remember putting so much pressure on myself to make as much money as I was making in the corporate world, and I started to take brand deals that didn’t align with me. I think the main theme, to be kind to yourself, and to take your time is invaluable.

Lindsey: BIG MAGIC by Elizabeth Gilbert. I recommend everyone who has ever experienced their own creativity or even anyone who is curious as to whether they are creative (they are) to read this book. It has given me permission to create in every way that finds me, in every way that feels like a collaboration, in every way that feels abnormal or unexpected.

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