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Book Review-Wonderful Things You Will Be

I have several dear friends with cute chubby little newborns, or little ones under 3 years, or pregnant with baby number 2 or 3. Parenting is something I would eventually like to experience, the joy of having so much love for someone only one can imagine unless you are a mom or dad.

Mothering, is innate in me and nurture the heck out of my little furbaby Potpot (@popot_adventures), and I’ve learned to mother my inner child and this month’s book review is solely based on reading a book which will nurture the inner child in you.

Thank you Emily Winfield Martin for writing such an inspirational book not only for children but the inner child in all adults. When I first read Wonderful Things You Will Be, I imagined reading this to the 5 year old in me and I totally teared up thinking about all the wonderful things I would be.

When you read it, I encourage you to do what I did and read it to your younger self, the little playful child who was fearless, a hopeful dreamer, a go getter, social, kind, creative and filled with limitless love inside.

Now since the book is short I don’t want to give away all the greatness that’s inside it, however I will share a few of my favorite quotes from it: 

“This is the first time there has ever been a you, so I wonder what wonderful things you will do.”

  1. Never forget there is not another Angie, Nicole, Jamie, Kayla, Jon, Matt, Bob just like you. You are the first and last person that will ever have experiences, feelings, goals, challenges in the way that you do. Embrace that part of who you are and shine your unique kind light. If you’re ever doubtful of not being good enough, remember this… it’s okay to not to fit in. Fitting in doesn’t allow you to explore who you are, instead it pushes you to hide who you are. When you shine and live and bring out your uniqueness people will admire you for trailblazing your own path and choosing to do wonderful things with your life.  

“When I look at you and you look at me, I wonder what wonderful things you will be.”

  1. Spend time connecting with others and have them in awe with the amazing things you are creating and inspiring with your life. Be bold and share, bring down those barriers (consistent practice for me), and gain the support you need to go down the path of being WHO exactly you want to be.

“And then I’ll look at you, And you’ll look at me, And I’ll love you, Whoever you’ve grown up to be.”

  1. Look in the mirror and say this quote to yourself, I don’t care if you’re 14, 28, 36 or older, we all are still “growing up” to some capacity… growing up simply means continuing to grow and loving the process while we do it.

  2. Love, love, LOVE yourself no matter what dark alleys, perceived dead ends, quicksand moments you may encounter. Tell yourself you will love yourself every bit of the way. Sometimes it helps to do this before making an indecisive decision, it will bring clarity as to what decision you need to make.

So snuggle up with your loved one or even by yourself this month and read this book for the sweet adorable child in you, she or he has never left your side and loves to read and dream about all the wonderful things you will do in this lifetime.

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