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Birthday Reflection – What a Year of Baby Steps and Blessings!

Where the heck did this year go? I feel like we should just now be heading into summer, yet my birthday is already here! Don’t get me wrong… I absolutely love it and are gladly embracing this wonderful opportunity to celebrate. In honor of it being my BIRTHDAY, I thought it would be fun to take some time today to reflect on all that I’ve done (and wanted to do this year), what I’ve learned and had to overcome, and my countless blessings and accomplishments! The best part is I get to share them with you, the support of friends (old and new), each relationship has had an integral part in making this year a wonderful one!

While sipping on some very good White Merlot from Temecula… I’d like to reflect:

  1. Launching this blog in January with the fear of being vulnerable and open, turned out to be such an amazing addition to my life and now what I love to do with the majority of my free time.

  2. Thankful for Kimmy (shout out to you lady), she’s my marketing guru. Not only has she captured most of the fun pictures posted on Instagram and Facebook, but she’s also been a huge support to me when it comes to the evolving vision of my blog and the baby steps on how I want to spread inspiration, mindset shifts and self love for those who come across my blog. 

  3. Forbes and Shavon Lindley providing me the opportunity to be featured in the article, There’s No ‘I’ in Team: Developing Work Relationships on the Road to Success. Shavon is the quintessential boss lady I know.  She’s created a movement called Women Evolution bringing attention and change to organizations.  

  4. Loving what I do on the daily (this is not something everyone can say and I know how truly lucky I am). I find Retail technology so interesting and I am passionate about the importance of customer relationships, growing businesses and navigating through challenges to find opportunities and wins! This year was one of the best years of my career and I’m so grateful I get to work with some of the best professionals I know. A handful of my blog posts such as How to Collaborate Successfully in the Workplace, Are You an Intrepreneur, and How to Support Other Women in a Competitive Environment, have been inspired by what I’ve learned along the way this year.

  5. Blessed to have traveled as much as I have this year (Thank you Universe). Two Yoga retreats with the amazing Kelsey Patel (Love you lady). I was introduced to Tara Cappel and For the Love of Travel. Tara has been such an inspiration, bringing solo travelers together and creating amazing travel tribes and new lasting relationships!  I met Amy Weber this year through FTLO Travel and my amazing Italy tribe (shout out to Dianne, Josh, Seth, Alyssa, and Christine) can’t wait for our reunion in Lapland in 2018!

  6. Finding balance with work and having fun. My best friend Monika and I went to several concerts this year, one favorite being Odesza at Red Rocks in Denver. Another favorite was Lionel Richie at the Hollywood Bowl, which was outstanding and brought back some sweet childhood memories of my dad singing “Brick House” and “You Are” (totally made me cry)… I hadn’t heard that song in years!

  7. Baby steps to cooking more at home. I bought myself a Dutch Oven, Vitamix, and an Instant Pot to help me enjoy the food I make and create self love in the kitchen. It’s been super challenging because I’m on the road often for work and I love tacos so much!  But now I make some amazing Mexican at home and it’s a healthier version.

  8. More travel… San Francisco/Bay Area, Palm Springs, New York, Chicago, Seattle (Yay Kimmy – that was a great trip), Dallas, Orlando, and Los Angeles. All were great cities and I’m so fortunate to have wonderful friends to visit helping me keep my life at a balance between work!

  9. Lastly I’d like to reflect on all the supportive relationships I’ve cultivated and nurtured this year. I’ve been in a space to be the rock and ear for some, which means the world to me to help others when they need it the most. And I’ve also had others there for me this year through my own growth. I have one of the best tribes out there and I can’t wait to celebrate with you!

As a dedicated Sagittarius, I say bring on the big 3-9! I look forward to what’s in store for me the next 365 days… the Universe has graciously given me a glimpse and next year will be continued abundance, love and being presently happy 🙂

Wishing all the Sags a wonderful birthday month!

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