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Are you an Intrepreneur?

Find Out Now and How to Leverage Your Attitude in the Workplace

  1. High performer at work?  

  2. Passionate about the products or services you deliver to customers day in and day out?

  3. A known leader and relationship builder within your company culture?

  4. Idea thinker and influencer within your organization?

  5. Treat the business as though it was your own?

  6. Live to make a difference?

  7. Can Do” Attitude?

Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit but the risk of taking the leap might be too high? You may be an intrepreneursomeone who uses entrepreneurial skills without incurring the risks associated with those activities.  

Being your own boss comes with a ton of risks (It’s all on you) but the upside may be rewarding if you can pull it off.  However there’s opportunities in several businesses who are looking for people like you to take their business to the next level, solve problems, create new innovative solutions and change industries through creative energy and the right attitude.

So how can you can unleash your Intrepreneurial attitude to get that next project, new role or big company initiative?

Be great at what you’re doing today.

Whether you’re working as the cashier at Starbucks or running a M&A project for a consulting firm, your position matters to the business and your performance is key to making it grow in revenues, keeping the customer happy, or creating value for the business.  Do what you do well and push yourself.

Look for problems and take them on.

Most people love to b*tch complain within a company about what’s not working, or that a process is broken, or there’s not enough resources, or (you fill in the blank) _________.  Don’t be that person… find the problem, put your big girl panties on and solve it. 

There is no answer to the questions who is the “perfect” company, because there is no such thing as a perfect company.  That’s what makes company’s thrive and cultures work together and overcome, it’s the problems and solutions that need to be developed. Intrepreneurs get this and they enjoy helping to solve issues and working through them with patience and persistence.

Let your attitude of gratefulness lead the way.

People enjoy working with people who have a positive mindset, they’re helpful and they might even take it a step farther and try to make someone else’s role easier. If you have a hard time enjoying your job right now and need to shift your thinking, try listing 3 things you are grateful for about your job (For example: 1. Money 2. Exercising my strengths 3. Work relationships).

Speak up and voice your ideas, concerns and let your leadership know (in a respectful professional way).

If you see something that would make an impact to customers or have implications to the business, present it as a problem|solution approach.  Often times employees speak up all the time about what’s NOT working right, and hardly ever come up with the solution. If you can simply put together the following steps for a problem, your management will listen:

  1. State the issue or problem

  2. Who is it affecting and how

  3. What is the solution

  4. How will the solution impact the business (if you’re able to put $$ behind it whether it’s savings or new revenue that goes a long way)!

NEVER ever say… “that’s not my job.”

Yes, you must have boundaries and not say YES to everything…but be smart about it and think about the big picture.

If you need to jump in and help or take on a task that will lead you to where you want to go within your company… Do it!

Being an Intrepreneur can bring great success on your career path within a company. Apply the behaviors mentioned above and you just might land a role you’ve been hoping for!

Good luck and get after it!!!

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