Kalani McClainHi! My name is Kalani and I live in Southern California, I’ve been very fortunate the last five years creating the life I dreamed of and now I’m passionate about helping others. I have a full time job I absolutely enjoy. I get to work with the best leaders in the retail technology industry. Fashion, innovation, travel and sales are all passions of mine.

I’ve experienced pivotal times in life where I felt like I had no idea what to do with my career, direction, purpose and I found myself in odd jobs, working with people I couldn’t relate to and organizations my VALUE didn’t align with. It all came together, as I created my own personal method and was able to reach my goals, sometimes in matter of days.

This blog will inspire those on their path to discovering what they want to do with their daily life. We spend so much time at our jobs/careers it’s the part of our life we have to be picky and it needs to aligns with who we are and where we want to go.

I also love yoga, my dog Potpot, beach cities, spa days, international travel and anything luxury ?

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