How to Support Other Women in a Competitive Environment

It can be so hard working with other women in the workplace.  BossY ladies, to BitchY ones, women who are so dramatic, don’t get shit stuff done, to the ones that simply will throw you under the bus if you don’t watch out. You may have a boss lady who’s not being the kind of boss … Continue Reading

The Elevator Pitch – Who You Are and What You do?

One of the quickest ways to set yourself apart from the competition is to have a compelling elevator pitch. In the first few moments of encountering someone new, whether at a networking function, happy hour, charity event or in an actual elevator, people like to quickly get to the bottom of who you are and … Continue Reading

The New Networking in Business

What does it mean to “network” and how do you maximize “your network” in order to help land a job that you are passionate about, create exciting opportunities, and/or make new connections? Well, let’s start with the simple fact that long gone are the days of attending those f*cking lame networking events where you are … Continue Reading