Five Habits to Start Your Day

I remember the early days when my parents would yell and scream to get me up and out of bed for school (please say I wasn’t the only one?!). I hated getting up and honestly it’s still not my favorite thing to do (I have an amazing Tempurpedic that I could live on forever, it’s … Continue Reading

Creating Space for the Dream (Part 2)

Welcome to tidying up part dos! Good news is… I’ve managed to keep my closet clean and putting things back in their new spots. No extra clothes lying on the floor, hangers facing the wrong way, shirts placed in dresses section… I give myself a high kick. Here is a quick breakdown of the remaining … Continue Reading

Creating Space for the Dream (Part 1)

I dated a guy once who was an “organized” pack rat. It drove me crazy! I would find myself trying to secretly throw away his shit stuff: papers, clothes he hadn’t touched in years, books, magazines, gadgets, I could go on and on. He reminded me of my grandmother who is a hoarder and when … Continue Reading