As You Think Book Review

This book is a oldie but a must have in the collection. I’ve read this book a couple times and like to go back to it.  James Allen original published As a Man Thinketh in 1903, my favorite quotes by him below. He is wise beyond his years and has been known to be one … Continue Reading

Visioning the Career, Life and Happiness – 1 Minute a Day

Visioning your dream career, ideal life, and pure, unapologetic happiness? Can you do it?   Is it possible? Do you have the time?   Yes, Yes and Yes!!! I say yes to all of them. Whatever the goal, dream, desire may be, the best way to start bringing it into reality is to practice act … Continue Reading

Navigating to Find The Work You Enjoy

Having doubts about your current work position? There’s nothing more gut wrenching than having to give yourself an emotional shot of morphine in the morning in order to get through another work day. I know because I’ve been there. It’s monotonous, the high pitched alarm goes off, hit snooze deliberately until you’re down to 15 … Continue Reading