Being a top performing road warrior with a single lifestyle comes with quite the schedule. Weekly flights (I’ve had four this week), long work days hosting clients, preparing for presentations and catching up on emails, all leave little time for taking care of my personal chores and errands.

Luckily I’ve been able to save lots of time when it comes to running errands all thanks to technology!  I mean let’s be honest, who the heck has time to take half of their Saturday to drive around completing your long to do list of errands…(Not me!!). 

With that being said, check out my top favorite online services, each of which make my life a whole lot easier by saving what I think is the most valuable currency on the planet TIME. Do what I do – spend more time doing what you love and not waste it on tasks you don’t enjoy as much.


Amazon Subscription 

I will admit, I was late to the game becoming a PRIME customer on Amazon. Once I did however, my life was forever changed. I don’t remember the the last time I physically shopped in a store for things like: toilet paper, toothpaste, soap, laundry/kitchen detergents, garbage/plastic bags…and I ain’t complaining! Want to know the best part? Not only does it take less than 2 minutes to REORDER items on Amazon because it already knows what I use/love, but everything is at my doorstep the next day…. 

Can we just have a quick moment of silence for the creation of AMAZON PRIME!?

Potpot is one of the best travel buddies ever, but when he doesn’t travel with me Rover gives me the peace of mind I need by providing me with one of their wonderful dog sitters. So if you have a furbaby and you’re in need of a reputable sitter near you to walk, board or house sit while you’re away, I highly recommend Rover. They provide a trusted rating system, client comments and a safe way of communicating with sitters. I think Potpot enjoys it too, it’s like a staycation for him ?



I’ve been using this apparel subscription based company for two years now and WOW has it saved me so much time. I don’t have to spend hours and hours searching for the right outfits or new clothing pieces to buy. I’ve set up an easy profile of what my tastes are and how often I want new items delivered. Once the box arrives, I get excited to see what’s inside, pick out the items I want to keep and ship the rest back. If you want a personal stylist who listens to what you want and delivers, this is the online place to check out!


Nordstrom Online ♥️

The Anniversary Sale, a regular Tuesday night (with a glass of Pino), or a coffee shop with Potpot sitting on my lap while online shopping for the latest items at Nordstrom are all my favorite time savers! Nordstroms return policy is what makes my life easier and a loyal customer. I am able to try new brands and order clothes online knowing that I can use my own home as my personal fitting room and if I don’t like how the clothes look or fit, I can simply ship them back, all while never stepping foot into the actual store.



Getting in my car to go through a “drive-thru” (No Thanks)… not when I have Doordash…it’s real life delivery heaven. I’ve been one of the early adopters of this service and I love, love, love that fact that I can order from almost any restaurant near me and have it delivered within 30-40 minutes. Granted, lately I have been trying to cook at home more, but when I’m on the road I use it to deliver healthy meals verses eating the hotel room service.

There you have it, my GO TO online services that allow me to spend my time doing what I love ?

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